Ferries from Mykonos to Syros (and return)

syros-portThe Syros to Mykonos ferry schedule is available at the bottom of the article.

If you want to escape the tourist hordes vacationing in Mykonos , a very good idea is to hop on a ferry and go to the near-by island of Syros. Also part of the Cyclades , Syros is located off the beaten track and represents a great place to experience the real Greek culture. It is small enough to explore the island on foot. Make sure not to miss the spending views from the Holy Church of the Resurrection of Christ.

How long does it take to get from Mykonos to Syros?

The journey between Mykonos and Syros takes between 30 min and 1 hr, depending on the type of ferry you are taking.

Is there a high speed ferry between Mykonos and Syros ?

The fastest ferry takes 30 min to get from Mykonos to Syros.

How much does it cost to get from Mykonos to Syros by ferry?

The ticket prices depend on the type of ferry, seat, class and company.

On the ferries operated by Blue Star Ferries, the single economy class ticket is €11 , the single business ticket is €15.50 , while the airplane type of seat is €13.

On the ferries operated by Hellenic Seaways, the single economy ticket is €18 and the business ticket is €21.50.

How many ferries per day depart from Mykonos to Syros during the low season?

During the low season 2013 (Apr-May), the following ferries run between the two islands:

Fri 1:55 p.m., May 3
Daily EXCEPT on Fri, 2:15 p.m., Apr 27 – May 2
Mon-Fri 2:15 p.m., until Apr 12
Sat 2:15 p.m., May 4
Sun 2:15 p.m., until Apr 14
Daily 2:15 p.m., Apr 15-26, May 6-13, May 14-21
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 4 p.m., May 10 -29
Sun 5 p.m., Apr 28 – May 5
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 5 p.m., Apr 29 – May 7

How many ferries per day depart from Mykonos to Syros during the high season?

The following ferries are available between the two islands during the 2013 high season (June – Oct):

Daily 2:15 p.m., Jun 22 -30, May 14- Jun 21, Jul 1-Sept 15
Mon-Fri 2:15 p.m., Sept 16- oct 31
Sun 2:15 p.m., Sept 22 – Oct 27
Mon 4 p.m., Jun 3
Mon, Wed, Fri, sun 4 p.m., Sept 30 – Oct 20
Sat 4:20 p.m., Jun 29 – Sept 7
Sun 6:35 p.m., Jun 30 – Sept 8
Mon 11:15 p.m., Jul 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Aug 5, 12, 19, 26, Sept 2
Tue 11:20 p.m., Jul 2 – Sept 3

Are there any overnight journeys between Mykonos and Syros?


Where can I buy tickets from?

125x125You can purchase the tickets online (at most 2 months prior to departure) or via a travel agency (either directly from a Greek travel agency or via a travel agency in your country). Of course, you can buy the tickets directly from the port.

Does everyone charge the same prices?

The prices for the same vessel and company are the same online, at the agencies and in the port. Even if there are differences, those shouldn’t be significant.

How about the ferries from Syros to Mykonos ?

During the 2013 high season, the following ferries depart from Syros to Mykonos:

Sun 7 a.m., Jun 30 – Sept 8
Tue 7 a.m., Jul 2 –Sept 3
Mon 7 a.m., Jul 8, 15, 22, 29; Aug 5, 12, 19, 26; Sept 2
Sat 9 a.m., Jun 29- Sept 7
Tue 9 a.m., Jul 2 – Sept 3
Mon 9:30 a.m., Jun 3
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 9:30 a.m., Sept 30 – Oct 20
Daily 11:35 a.m., Jun 22-30, Jul 1 – Sept 15
Daily 11:50 a.m., May 14-Jun 21
Fri 12:10 p.m., Jul 5- Sept 6
Mon-Fri 12:20 p.m., Sept 16- Oct 31
Sat 12:20 p.m., Sept 21 – Oct 26

During the low season 2013, the following ferries connect the two islands:

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 9:30 a.m., May 10-29
Sat 10 a.m., Apr 27 – May 4
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10 a.m., Apr 29 – May 7
Daily EXCEPT on Fri, 11:35 a.m., Apr 27 – May 2
Daily 11:35 a.m., May 6-13
Daily 11:50 a.m., Apr 15-26, May 14-21
Mon-Fri 12:20 p.m., until Apr 12
Sat 12:20 p.m., until Apr 13
Fri 12:35 p.m., May 3

Important note:

The schedule is submitted to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine every Friday so, in some cases, there can be some changes from week to week, let alone from month to month. It’s advisable to double check the ferry schedule couple of days prior to the departure.

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Note: The article was first published in 2009. The latest schedule and price update was made as of March 2013.

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