Spetses Island

spetses-townLocated very close to the mainland, Spetses is a very popular island among Athenians. They flock here during each summer weekend and during Easter. Private cars are banned and the accommodation is quite limited but this doesn’t stop tourists from flocking here.

How to get to

The easiest (and preferred) way to get to Spetses is by sea from Piraeus (Athens). During the high season there are plenty of daily ferries, catamarans and hydrofoils going back and forth between the destinations. The journey takes between 1 h 45 min and 3 h 45 min, depending on the ferry. During the winter season, only 4 passenger-only hydrofoils serve the island.

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Transport on the island

Private cars are officially banned from the island, which leaves the option of public transport. However, public transport is expensive so you are better off renting a bicycle or just walking. Or you can take a donkey taxi.


Spetses is blessed with a warm, Mediterranean climate. The sunshine is present all year round, which makes Spetses a lovely destination even during the off season. Summers are hot and sunny with the average high temperature ranging between 28C and 29C.

Winters are mild and low in humidity with averages of 15.5C. Snow is very rare and only present in the mountains. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing. January is often sunny.

Spring is probably the best time to visit the island, when the temperature averages as much as 25C. Autumn is about the same as spring and you can still swim since the water retains the heat from the summer.

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What to do

Spetses Town is the most important village on the island. Its harbor (Dapia) is the trade center. The cobble stone streets are dotted with restaurants and bars. Spetsis Town is also where you’ll find all the needed facilities such as bank, grocery stores, some supermarkets and shops.

There are two museums in Spetses Town, both worth a visit if you like to know more about the island’s history. Hadjiyannis Mexis Museum, located at just 5 min walk from the harbor, features objects as old as 4,000 years. Bouboulina Museum (privately owned) is more oriented towards the 17th century and the War of Independence (1821).

spetses-beachEaster is a popular time to visit the island. There are plenty of interesting traditions to experience. The island tends to be very crowded during this time, so make sure to book well in advance.

The picturesque island offers lovely beaches, excellent for swimming and practicing water sports. Spetses Town Beach is located right in the town but gets very crowded during the summer. Agioi Anargiri, Agia Marina and Agia Paraskevi are located relatively close to the town. Out of them, Agia Marina is ideal for scuba diving and other water sports, while Agia Paraskevi is quite crowded.

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