karpathosThe island of Karpathos is basically two islands in one: the northern and southern parts have been isolated by a vertebra of cliffs. The northern part is mountainous, while the southern part is home to the beautiful beaches.

Location and How to get to Karpathos

Karpathos is one of the Dodecanese islands , located between Rhodes and Crete .

Many tourists arrive on Karpathos via air. The island’s airport is served by flights from Athens, Rhodes, Crete and many European countries.

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If you prefer the ferry, the island is linked to Piraeus (Athens), Kasos, Crete, and Rhodes.

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The climate in Karpathos is Mediterranean, characterized by mild winters and sunny summers. The Meltemia blows during the summer.

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What to do

Just like many other Greek islands, the main thing to do on Karpathos is soaking up the sun. There are plenty of nice beaches, all having nice sand and calm water.

Amopi village is home to 5 beaches, each perfect for you and your family. The beaches offer the possibility to rent an umbrella and sun bed and there are tavernas and markets near-by. Kastellia is the only nude beach on the island. Small Ampoi and Big Ampoi are located right near the nude beach. The waters are shallow which makes them a perfect location for the families with small children.

Afiarti is the surfer’s paradise and also the place where you can see a ship wreck.

Finika is the home of the well known sponge divers. It’s also the place to eat cheap and great seafood and spend some time on the tranquil beaches.

The island’s beaches are also famous for the possibility to practice scuba diving and windsurfing.

The village of Menetes is colorful and represents the quintessence of the Greek villages. There’s also an Ethnographic Museum here to visit. If you happen to be in Menetes around August 15, you’ll enjoy the Feast which lasts for three days.

The ancient Arkessia is home to the Mycenaean acropolis. The archaeological site is worth a visit. While here make sure to check out the beautiful mosaic floor in the church.

Lefkos, although still under development, has some nice sites to check out: ruins of a medieval fort, ancient ruins, and some traditional tavernas.

Pyles , located up on a hill, offers some of the best views of near-by Crete. It’s also well known for the honey produced here.

spongeOlympos is a place where traditions have been kept alive for centuries. To catch them at their best, make sure to visit the village at Easter when the celebrations are colorful and plentiful. Plus, the views offered by its location are just magnificent.


Don’t leave the island without buying a natural sponge. And you can also buy a colorful seashells necklace. Jewelry is also affordable thanks to the low taxes on the island.

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