kalymnosKalymnos (alternative spelling: Kalimnos) is part of the Dodecanese group , well known for its beaches, sunshine and limestone climbing cliffs. It is also popular for the natural sponges which can be purchased here.


It is located to the west of Bodrum (Turkey), between Kos and Leros.

How to get to Kalymnos

Kalymnos is served by an airport, located in Argos, just few kilometers from Pothia. Olympic Air offers flights from Athens. During the high season, one way fares start at €97 per person. Alternatively, you can fly into Kos, which is well-served both by Olympic Air and a lot of low-cost carriers (during the summer season).

The island is also served by ferries from Kos. They depart from Mastihari port and arrive at Pothia. The ride takes 40 min and a ticket costs €14.50 per person, one way. Some of the ferries from Kos to Rhodes and Athens also stop in Kalymnos. Ferries are available from Bodrum (Turkey) as well.

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Weather and Climate

Although cooled down by the breezes, the summer months of July and August can be quite hot, with temperatures reaching 30-35C. Spring and autumn are nice to visit the island, but the weather can easily get from warm to rather cold and rainy.

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What to do

Kalymnos is a summer destination for both Greeks and foreign tourists, as everyone is trying to escape the hot mainland.

Although a small island, Kalymnos does have some interesting beaches to check out. However, the island has become a premiere destination for rock climbing . The best months to try this sport are during spring and fall.

There are quite a lot of interesting villages to check out on the island. Pothia is the commercial center of the island, while Massouri is the tourist center. In Pothia, don’t miss visiting the Monastery of Saint Sava, perched on a hill above the town. The interiors are beautifully decorated and the views of the city are remarkable.

Emborios is a picturesque village, located on the northwest coast of the island; it is the perfect place to enjoy the traditional way of life and Greek cuisine.

You can also explore the small islands near-by, such as Pserimos and Telendos. Both are close and can be reached by boat.

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