September in Greece

septemberWhile the weather is still great for sunbathing, the prices start going down, making September an awesome month to travel to Greece. There are enough festivals to keep you busy and the crowds start to melt away. Did I mention that September is the month when the grapes are picked?


The mainland weather (i.e. Athens, Thessaloniki) is still hot but on the islands it’s just perfect: warm and light breezes. It’s still nice to soak up the sun but you surely won’t have to withstand the mid-summer heat.


Athens: avg high 28C/83F ; avg low 19C/67F

Rhodes: avg high 27C/81F ; avg low 21C/71F

Thessaloniki: avg high 26C/80F ; avg low 15C/59F

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Many businesses (hotels, restaurants) will start to close by the end of the months. However, on the big islands there are some hotels still open and if you plan to visit Athens or Thessaloniki you won’t need to worry about a place to stay.

Transportation, especially ferries, also start to cut back around September 15. The capital and Thessaloniki are served by international flights and if you need to get to one of the islands there are some domestic flights available.

The activities for children are less frequent as the school year begins.

The prices are moderate and the places are not crowded anymore. It’s the perfect time to visit Greece if you are an independent traveler on a budget.

What to do

While the celebrations aimed at tourists cut back by middle of the months, the local festivals are still in full swing.

The last weekend of September marks the European Heritage Days when the entrance to museums and sites is free.

Athens is home to the International Film Festival and the VideoDance Festival, while in Santorini you can enjoy the International Music Festival.

The grape festivals are in full swing in many places, such as Mani region, Kos, Corinth, Pidni, Karpathos, Thessaloniki and Ambelona. It’s the perfect time to taste the wine and enjoy grape harvesting.

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