March in Greece

spring2A movie festival, Independence Day, carnivals and warmer weather: that’s Greece in March. Hotel prices are still low and you won’t find too many flights to the islands, but the archeological sites aren’t crowded and you can start to enjoy the nature.

Weather in March

Although most often we want to consider March the first month of spring, it is technically still winter in Greece and the weather is still cold. However warmer days start to be quite common. On mainland it’s still cold and wet, while on the islands and in the costal regions, bright and warm days are quite common.

The Average low temperature in Athens is 47 F/ 8 C and the average high is 61 F/11 C. On the island of Rhodes the average high low is 52 F/ 11 C and the average high is 62 F/ 16 C.

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Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

A lot of university students and film professionals are attracted by the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. In 2008 it starts on March 10 and ends on March 19. You can watch international documentaries as well as new Greek productions.

While there, don’t miss visiting Thessaloniki , one of the most beautiful Greek cities. Prices are low, flights are cheap and the attractions endless.

Independence Day and Feast of Annunciation

Greeks celebrate their independence on March 25. All archeological sites are closed, along with most business and banks, while the traffic might be interrupted by the military parades.

Also on March 25, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Annunciation. Archangel Gabriel appeared to maiden Mary and announced she’ll give birth to the divine child. The churches celebrate this day with a nice and joyful ceremony. If you happen to be on the islands of Tinos or Hydra , you will be presently surprised by the celebrations taking part (as part of the Independence Day parade).

Carnival Season

The Carnival Season –Greek Mardi Gras – is directly linked to the Greek Orthodox Easter, which means it falls on different days each year. The most important days of the carnival usually fall in March so you will enjoy the Tsiknopempti Weekend, filled with parties, as well as the Main Carnival Weekend , followed by Clean Monday .

Getting to Greece in March

Athens and Thessaloniki are served by plenty of flights , especially from Europe. March offers nice weather so that many islands start to open the hotels which used to be closed during winter. So, there are good possibilities to find flights into the big islands as well. Ferries are also more reliable now and the international routes start to work again.

Where to Stay

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from if you head to Athens and Thessaloniki. If you plan to go to an island, some (if not most) of the hotels might be open again.

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