Ikaria (also spelled “Icaria) is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, located just 19 km southwest of Samos . The island’s name is directly linked to the Greek mythology. Icarus fell into the sea nearby when trying to fly.

How to get to Ikaria

The island is connected to Athens (Piraeus), Naxos and Paros by ferry. Ikaria’s port is called Evdilos so make sure to look for its name when you book ferry tickets.

A deck ticket to Athens (Piraeus) costs €38.50 per person, one way, while a ticket to Naxos costs €24 per person, one way. If you travel to/from Paros by ferry it costs €24.50 per person, one way.

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Ikaria is also served by an airport which receives only domestic flights from Athens. During summer, there are charter flights from several European cities. The airport is located 12 km from Agios Kirikos, the capital of the island.

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The island is blessed with Mediterranean climate, much like the other islands in the Northern-Eastern Aegean. Due to the winds which blow year-round, even during summer the temperatures never rise above 29C.

Winters are short and mild but it rains a lot. The hottest months are July and August, but the average temperatures stay around 27C. By late April it is possible to swim in the sea and the temperature of the water stays high until October.

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What to do

the-church-of-panagia-theoskepasti-ikariaThe wings of Icarus can be found at the waterfront of Agios Kirikos and, as the name suggests, the monument shows the wings of the unfortunate boy.

The Temple of Artemis, located about 50 km from Agios Kirikos, is worth a visit. The temple dates back to the 6th century BC. According to historians, the statues of Artemis was hidden somewhere in the near-by river so if you feel adventurous you can dive and try to find it. But what you’ll definitely find in the river are the remains of the columns.

The church of Panagia Theoskepasti is located close to Pighi village and has an interesting roof: a rock. Also, the inside chapel houses the skulls of some monks.

The Castle of Koskina is located close to Evdilos village and is a Byzantine fortress built in the 11th century AD. It offers excellent views of the valley.


ikaria-beachIf you are looking for secluded beaches this is the perfect island for you.

Fles is located about 38 km from Ikaria town and is ideal if you want to just hide away with your loved one. Miliopo is located just 5 km from the town but it’s so secluded you won’t even find it on the map.

Armenistis is further away from Ikaria town and it is possible to rent umbrellas. Kambos, bordered by bamboos, offers a snack bar and a beach bar. Another popular beach is Messakti, located 50 km to the north west of Agios Kirikos, offers a lot of bars and tavernas.

Prioni is the best choice if you want to try some diving from the rocks. It’s located just 1 km from Ikaria town.

For a spectacular sunset, make sure to visit Nas beach , located about 60 km north of Agios Kirikos. The beach is surrounded by lush forests with spectacular waterfalls.

Photo credit:
Agios Kirikos by Stelios Kiousis
The church of Panagia Theoskepasti by SpirosK
Beach by psalakanthos

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