Hiking on Ios: Mylopotas Beach to Klima Beach

We love to walk & hike! When we were researching our vacation in Greece (n.a. 2017), we came upon some ideas for hiking on Ios. The problem? We couldn’t figure out where to get maps from (whether online or offline). The solution: a guided walk / hike, of course.

I do believe that all things happen for a reason. And this hike falls in that category. We were supposed to take a day trip to the nearby island of Sikinos but due to the southern winds, it got canceled. Instead, we were offered the possibility to do a walk. And we were all for it!

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The tour departs from Meltemi Watersports’ shack on Mylopotas Beach. To get here, just hop on the bus (either from the port stop or the Chora stop). You could also walk to Mylopotas beach (a total of 7 km from the port). Since the day before was our anniversary and we stayed up quite late, we opted for the bus ride.

We met our guide and we set off to do the walk / hike. The trail starts at the end of Mylopotas beach and continues on the hills overlooking the sea. Through the hike, you have the sea to your right (on the way to Klima). The trail is not that hard to tackle but you will have to make your way on rocks and sometimes avoid plants that may scratch your skin (hello, capris!).

The scenery is enchanting. Yes, you need to keep your eyes on the path. But, once in a while, stop and soak it all in. At one point you will pass by a small beach called Sapounochoma. And if you feel adventurous, there is a way to get to that one, too.

You may notice that our video (below) is short and that we haven’t taken too many photos either. Why? Because we were so mesmerized by everything that we soaked all in. Once in a while, we could see a ferry passing by; or the chime of the goats’ bells. There was the tell-tell smell of goats passing by.

We considered the hike to be “medium”. Robbie, our guide, referred to it as “easy”. See the difference? He is used to the hike and has done it many, many times; whereas we are used mostly to flat terrain (and have done really long hikes!) and only seldom to going up and down a hill. Looking at the Fitbit data (see below), I can safely say it was a “medium” hike (and yes, we rushed a bit on the way back). However, if you are not used to walking or hiking, you may consider it a harder hike. If that’s the case, let Robbie know to take breaks along the route (we took one each way, once because I had a thorn in my shoe; and one because I was losing my footing, a clear sign I was already tired).

Through the hike, we chatted up a storm and Robbie offered us very interesting information on the area, the beaches, the wild plants, the goats…On the way back I was too hot and quite tired (which also meant I did the listening, Robbie did the talking).

Once we got to Klima beach, we started playing in the water and send. I was even able to find two gorgeous shells for my collection! The cold water was the perfect reward after the hike.

After a while, we had lunch: a picnic on the beach, featuring a local cheese, olives, tomatoes, and bread. And yes, coffee. This was a truly unique moment for us and one which we will treasure forever.

Now that we shared the amazing parts, let me tell you what we did completely wrong. It was a cloudy day. Started off as windy and cloudy enough to scare us it may rain. So we figured, we wouldn’t need to bring a water bottle for the hike. And we also figured it’s not necessary to use sunscreen (plus, we’ve already tanned – with sunscreen- the days before, so we figured we won’t burn). Guess what? Going to Klima it was still cloudy and windy; coming back to Mylopotas, there was a section where there was no shade and the sun decided to come out of the clouds, too. It was hot and we had no water. So yes, we rushed back. And, to be honest, maybe some long cotton trousers would have been a better idea than my capris. Once we got back to Mylopotas, we stopped at the store to get water and then planted ourselves at Far Out Beach Club to get better hydrated as we were waiting for the bus back to the port.

If you love to walk / hike, then the Mylopotas to Klima hike is a great choice for a half day trip. Especially if you do it outside of the high season, you will have the beach for yourself.

Check out this video of the walk (going to Klima):

Here is the FitBit data for the hike (going to Klima and coming back):

Important things to consider:

  • Wear proper walking shoes (such as these lightweight all terrains)
  • A sun hat or a bandana are a must + sunglasses
  • Carry a water bottle (such as this one )
  • Wear a fitness tracker (I love my FitBit Charge 2)
  • Depending on your fitness level, you may want to consider some trekking poles (such as these)
  • Wear sunscreen on any exposed skin surface
  • A towel and a change of clothes are a good idea, too

About Meltemi Tours

Meltemi Tours offer a wide range of activities, including historical tours on the island of Ios and of the village. If you are passionate about watersports, then find Meltemi Watersports on Mylopotas beach; or pay them a visit at their office near the Chora bus stop.

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Although my tour was partly sponsored, this fact didn’t influence my opinion about the experience.

All photos have been taken by Cristina & Alex from LooknWalk Greece and may not be used without permission.

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