Greece Android Apps for Travel, Language Learning, & Fun

With so many Android phones out there , it is about time to tackle the applications meant for them, as well. From maps to guides and everything else, they sit in Google Play and wait to be downloaded (most of them for free). With the development of smartphone we rarely find the use for printed maps or old fashioned guidebooks. Now , everything is at the tip of our fingers, whether accessible via a wi-fi connection or available without the need to be using the data connection while using the application.

In this article I’ve put together a list of Android apps which can be useful for a trip to Greece. I must admit I am using some of them (or have used some when I was in Greece).

Greece Travel Android Apps

Vodafone Explore Greece FREE

An app which offers info on the country. It also offers the possibility to look up points-of-interest using the GPS on the phone. The app includes top 10 places to visit, a beaches index with photos and even a Greek language guide. Moreover, if you are a Vodafone customer you can get special deals on hotels, travel, restaurants and museums. And I am officially addicted to this app.

AthensBook FREE

It’s a smart city guide app for Athens. It offers info on close-by points-of-interest based on your current location. It uses data traffic when you make the searches.

Offline Map Athens €2.50


The map includes Athens and the Peloponnese. All info is downloaded when you install the app so you don’t need to use your data quote (hence saving on cell bill when you travel). It also includes a point-of-interest index which allows you to find hotels, restaurants, museums and many more.

Offline Map Crete €2.60

It’s an offline map of the island of Crete with Latin scrip labels. Works without a data connection (so no additional fees while traveling).

Cyclades, Greece Offline Map €1

It’s an offline map of the Cyclades islands, including Santorini, Amorgos, Mykonos, Naxos and Syros. Everything is on your smartphone so there’s will be no additional data costs.

Dodecanese Greece offline map €1

The Dodecanese islands include, among others, the islands of Kalymnos, Karpathos, Rhodes, Patmos and Kos. The app is an offline map but you can also share your current location online. The map includes points of interest (restaurants, bars, hotels).

Cretan Beach FREE

It’s an app with useful info about all beaches on the island of Crete.

Greek Museums FREE

You need a Layer Reality browser to use the app. It uses augmented reality and displays all museums in relation to your current location. There’s info on how to get to the museum, opening hours, website, etc. The app displays info ONLY when you are in Greece.

Naxos Guide FREE

The app offers info about the beaches, villages, accommodation , restaurants and other places of interest on the island of Naxos. Directions to the points of interest are available thanks to Google Maps. The app also includes photos. It also includes recommended itineraries for 1 day up to 7 days on the island.

Greek Language Android Apps

Dictionary Greek-English FREE

It’s an offline dictionary which includes the pronunciation.

english-greek-dictionary-appEnglish Greek Dictionary €1.25

It comprises over 30,000 words , using Latin characters. It also translates from phonetic Greek or Greek to English.

Greek Lessons and Flashcards FREE

It makes it easy to learn Greek with digital flashcard. It’s good for all levels regardless of what Greek language skills you already have.

Speak Greek FREE

The app contains essential Greek phrases. It’s fun and useful.

Fun Greece Android Apps

Country Facts FREE

An app full of interesting facts about Greece. If you want to learn more about the history, culture and the people living in Greece, start here. It also includes fun photos.

It’s a live wallpaper, featuring a fully animated Greek flag.

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