February in Greece

athens_snowThe weather is damp and changes all the time, but the prices are low and there are no crowds of tourists. That’s Greece in February. Add some festivals, art and cultural events, Saint Valentine’s Day and you can really enjoy a nice vacation during winter. What about a shopping spree? Or maybe skiing?


On the mainland it’s usually cold and wet. It snows in the mountains, which means you can go skiing . On the costal region and on the islands the weather is cold, wet and windy but there might be some nice sunny days. Due to the rough weather, ferries might be canceled.

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The best place to spend winter in Greece is undoubtedly Athens. Now you can really experience the nightlife . The clubs, cafes and restaurants are opened and full of people listening to good live music and enjoying the time spent in company of friends.

During the day, you can discover the beauty of the city or explore the surroundings by taking day trips to Delphi or Meteora.

We should not forget shopping. Everything is within walking distance from the hotels and the February sales will allow you to get stuff you really want for a price that is totally worth the vacation. If shopping is your cardio then you will love Athens in February!

Saint Valentine’s Day in Greece

Saint Valentine’s is celebrated all over the world as lovers’ day. On February 14th, lovers spend the day together and exchange gifts.

In Greece, Saint Valentine’s Day is one of the preferred days to propose or get married. But it’s not a really big holiday in Greece. However, most hotels may add a special Saint Valentines dinner for their guests.

We all know that Cupid is the cause of love and Greece is directly linked to this little mischievous winged chubby child. In Greek mythology, Cupid was known as Eros. He was the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love.

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On February 2nd, Greeks celebrate the Greek Orthodox festival of Ypapanti. It’s the date when Christ was presented by Mary to the temple. All Greek Orthodox churches mark the day with services.

In the city of Ioannina, February 20th marks the “Liberation of Ioannina”, celebrating the end of the Ottoman rule on February 20, 1913. If you choose to visit the city, don’t miss a trip to the ruins of Dodona, where once an oracle stood.

The Greek carnival season –or better said the Greek Mardi Gras- starts in February. Each year the festivities take place on different days as they are directly related to the Orthodox Easter (which is a movable holiday).

Getting to Greece in February

Both Athens and Thessaloniki are served by regular flights from abroad. If you need to reach a big island, your best bet is catching a domestic flight. If you want to visit one of the islands close to mainland, you can catch a ferry. However, if the weather turns nasty, ferries do get canceled.

Where to stay

In the capital and Thessaloniki, there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from. And usually you don’t need to worry about booking in advance either. If you want to visit an island, make sure to find a hotel which is open during winter as well.

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