A Perfect Day Trip from Athens: Vouliagmeni Lake and Cape Sounion

We’ve been planning to get to Cape Sounion since our first trip to Athens in 2012. Lady Fate has finally worked with us and thanks to our friends at Elysium Travel, we’ve embarked on the Sounion- Vouliagmeni Lake trip on a lovely Sunday afternoon in May 2017.

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Adonis and Kostas have arranged all the details with us (pick up location and time from Athens) prior to our departure to Athens, which for us only meant we had to have our gear ready for the trip. The forecast for the day was not the best as cloudy skies and rains were expected.

After being picked up from our rental place in Athens, we started the scenic drive towards Vouliagmeni Lake, about which I knew nothing.

Located in the seaside town of Vouliagmeni, the lake was once a large cavern that collapsed following an earthquake. The warm water is always 20 C / 68 F year round. Because of this, it functions as a spa year round.

We have decided against taking a dip (but others in the group enjoyed the weather and sun) as I am not keen on fishes taking care of my skin (ahem!). Instead, we mingled and befriended an amazing couple from Ireland. Oh, and enjoyed a frape with a view!

After soaking up the sun and enjoying the conversation with our new found friends, we’ve made our way to Cape Sounion. It was a scenic drive along the coast. At one point, we stopped so that Adonis can tell us the legend around Cape Sounion. I won’t give you details but suffice to say, Dyonysus could have partied less.

Then it was off to the Temple of Poseidon located at Cape Sounion. Positioned superbly overlooking the Aegean Sea, it is an amazing site with or without the “proper” sunset.

I did mention the clouds, didn’t it? And the wind. It wasn’t cold but, boy, was it windy and the clouds didn’t allow for a perfect sunset. Nevertheless, it was one to remember. Plus, we had the site pretty much to ourselves.

Our group was small and it was just us at the temple when we visited. Plus, our guides never rushed us, so we could take our time. In fact, they had to wait a bit for us to come from the Temple as we got charmed by the views and took a lot of photos.

On the way back it started to rain cats & dogs, a proper summer storm. Luckily we outran it so we didn’t get soaked when we arrived back at our rental (but the Ancient Gods took their revenge with a very bumpy ferry ride the next day).

There were two surprises along the route and we loved them both (but will let you discover them when you take the tour).

All in all, we spent 6 amazing hours getting to know great people, as well as learning more about the places surrounding Athens and their history.

And here is a short video of our lovely experience:

Things to consider:

  • bring a swimsuit
  • bring a towel and a change of clothes
  • any summer footwear is fine for the amount of walking you will do
  • bring a windbreaker (or at the very least, a jacket)
  • consider carrying a water bottle

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Although my tour was partly sponsored, this fact didn’t influence my opinion about the experience.

All photos have been taken by Cristina & Alex from LooknWalk Greece and may not be used without permission.

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