santoriniWithout a doubt, the Cyclades are the most popular Greek islands, attracting thousands of tourists each year. They are famous for the beautiful weather, great beaches and lovely traditional villages.


The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, located south-east of the mainland of Greece. They stand south of Athens and north of Crete, around the island of Delos. They are one of the groups which form the Aegean archipelago.


The Cyclades comprise about 220 islands, out of which the biggest and most well known are:

  • Amorgos: dramatic rock formations, terrific views, secluded beaches, perfect island for those seeking adventure
  • Anafi: small island, still not crowded with tourists, located east of Santorini
  • Andros: small and tranquil island with lovely beaches and mountains
  • Antiparos: sandy beaches, crystal waters. The island has recently become a good choice for those looking for an outdoor vacation.
  • Delos: holy island, important for the Greek Mythology
  • Donousa: still not overrun by tourists, lately has become the preferred getaway island for those looking to avoid the crowds
  • Folegandros: peace and comfort, away from the crowds, lovely hiking trails and secluded beaches
  • Ios: small yet very popular, considered a party island
  • Irakleia: lush vegetation, bubbly spring, secluded beaches
  • Kea: constantly growing in popularity, it’s still one of the islands with a traditional Greek feel to it
  • Kimolos: ideal island if you want to experience the other “side” of the Cyclades. The island is home to varied fauna and flora as well as spectacular rocky formations and secluded beaches
  • Kythnos: famous among those tourists who come to the island for its medicinal springs
  • Milos: one of the most interesting islands in the Cyclades, with lovely sand dunes and rock formations, as well as secluded beaches
  • Mykonos : famous tourist destination, party island and extremely crowded in the summer

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  • Naxos: the largest and greenest island of the Cyclades

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  • Paros: popular among tourists, having both lovely beaches and nice hilly terrain

  • Santorini : popular tourist destination, fantastic volcanic landscape

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  • Serifos: small and tranquil island, with great beaches and traditional villages
  • Sikinos: not overrun by tourists, untouched by the tourist industry, perfect if you want to really escape to a quiet place.
  • Sifnos: popular among tourists, with great hiking trails and laid back nightlife
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  • Syros: the capital of the cluster, it’s the most developed island in the Cyclades; lovely architecture and great beaches to be discovered here.</br
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  • Tinos: a spiritual island usually visited for religious purposes only. Lately it’s been highly popular among younger crowds.
  • Small (Little) Cyclades: Schinousa and Donousa, Irakleia and Koufonisia islands make up a small group of inhabited islands, ideal if you want to escape the touristy islands. All have lovely beaches and secluded coves, perfect for a romantic getaway.

What to do

All of the islands share some distinctive features such as architecture, narrow streets, archeological sites, religious site, lovely nature to explore, beaches and traditional villages.

The Cyclades will satisfy any type of tourist, from the energetic one who wants a very active holiday, to those who want to spend a relaxed honeymoon in a romantic location. The Cyclades are perfect for group of tourist as well as families or couples.

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