Best Greek Islands for Food

Greek cuisine is not only one of the world’s greatest cuisines but you can find fresh food cooked simply and traditionally anywhere you travel in Greece. Tavernas line up the ports and you can eat the day’s catch. Octopus is fried on the grill right in front of you. Plus, choosing a Greek culinary vacation is an amazing idea for any foodie.

It is safe to say that regardless of what island you decide to visit, you’ll have an incredible eating experience. However, some places are famous for the wines or other spirits produced there or you can find excellent olives. So let’s take a lot at some of the best islands for food in Greece.


food-santoriniSantorini deserves to be in the list thanks to the wines of Santorini , which are unique in Greece. The best wine grape in Santorini is Asyrtiko , which produces dry Appellation wines. One of the well known Santorini dessert wines is Visanto, which is naturally sweet. These are all white wines as the island is not particularly known for the red varieties.

Don’t worry about the food either. Stay away from the tourist hot spots and look for hidden tavernas where you can try the traditional Greek food.

Places such as Katina’s – which serves fresh fish right by the sea -, Taverna Nikolas – located in the main square in Fira and where you can find both locals and tourists – and Skala – which serves traditional tavern food – are excellent choices for a night out.

How to get to Santorini

There are two ways to get from Athens to Santorini : by plane or by ferry. If your vacation time is limited, do choose the flight. Book ahead of time and you can fly from Athens to Santorini on Aegean Airlines for about €75 one way, all taxes included.

During the summer season there are plenty of flights, including offered by low-cost carriers, into Santorini from different European cities.

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But the most romantic way to get to Santorini is by ferry, either from Athens (Piraeus) or from other Greek islands. Plus, you can get to see the superb views along the way. An economy seat on a high speed ferry from Athens costs €52 per person one way and you can book ferry tickets here.

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Where to stay in Santorini

Santorini is not exactly the cheapest Greek island. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive. Still, you can find affordable Santorini hotels especially if you avoid the hot spots such as Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. Those offer the best views of the volcano so the rooms are always more expensive.

Also you can check out the hostels in Santorini which are quite affordable (especially the dorms).

Please remember that some hotels and hostels are only open between May and October.


food-lesvosLesvos is known as the island where the best ouzo is produced and that’s one good reason to add the island to this list. And ouzo goes hand in hand with mezedes , so you are guaranteed some excellent meals during your vacation here.

Salavos remains one of the best taverna in Mytilini although it is located on the busy road to the airport. The restaurant is very popular with the locals and the seafood is amazing.

How to get to Lesvos

You can get to Lesvos from Athens either by plane or ferry. The island’s capital is Mytilini so make sure to look for it in the timetables. Book your ticket ahead of time and you can fly from Athens to Lesvos on Aegean Airlines for about €75 one way, all taxes included.

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The island is also served by ferries, which link the island with Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek islands. An economy seat on a regular ferry from Athens to Lesvos costs €34 per person one way and you can book ferry tickets here.

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Where to stay in Lesvos

The third largest Greek island doesn’t lack hotels and the rates are affordable. If you book ahead of time and avoid the peak season, you can find rooms starting at €40 per night (2 persons) in a 3-star hotel.


food-creteCrete scores very high when it comes to food and drinks. The Cretan cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. Studies have shown that showed that the residents on Crete have the lowest mortality rates in the world, less cancer and heart attack occurrence. Scientists linked the results to the locals’ way of life and diet: healthy extra virgin olive oil , fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, herbs and honey.

Traditional Cretan dishes include: dolmades , spanakopita, tzatziki , fassolatha , horiatiki salata and baklava.

Check out places such as: Amphora Restaurant – in Chania in the old harbor-, Giovanni – a chic taverna in Heraklion which appeals to the younger crowds-, or Pantheon – known for the traditional taverna food.

How to get to Crete

There are two ways to get from Athens to Crete: by plane or by ferry. The quickest way is by plane. There are two airports serving Crete: in Chania and Heraklion, but the cheapest flights are always to Herkalion. Book ahead of time and you can get a one way ticket to Heraklion on Aegean Airlines for €61 per person.

During the summer season there are charter flights and flights offered by low-cost carriers from many European cities into Crete.

You can also get to Crete by ferry either from Athens or from other Greek islands. It’s romantic but it takes quite a long time. An economy seat on a high speed ferry from Piraeus to Herkalion costs €36 per person one way and you can book ferry tickets here.

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Where to stay in Crete

Hotels in Crete cater for all kinds of budgets: you can find high end resorts but there are also affordable places to stay.

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