Women and Packing light for Greece

luggageLast summer I managed to pack only one backpack for two persons (me and my husband) for 5 days in a European capital. And yes, there were plenty of clothes for us.

Considering the new fees for the luggage and the fact that it’s absolutely horrible to drag many suitcases all over the places, packing light becomes pretty much a necessity.

Do and Don’t of packing light

Make sure to write a list with everything you might need: from underwear to chargers and everything in between.

First of all, if you travel with your spouse you can bring unisex toiletries, like shower gel or perfume. Instead of buying travel size toiletries, buy some small bottles and fill then with what you need (it’s way cheaper). If you don’t want to carry any with you, buy them in Greece.

Learn to combine your clothes: a pair of jeans can easily be worn with either a tank top or a t-shirt. Two pairs of jeans or pants are pretty much enough. Capris are an awesome choice for summer (but a pair for of “proper” pants can get you out of trouble during a cold night). I avoid very light ones because I’m the kind of person who can never wear white without spilling something on her. So I usually go with black, dark blue or khaki pants. If you like tank tops, they don’t fill much space so you can easily bring 3-4 with you along with 2-3 T-shirts. It’s very easy to wash them if you need to also. Goes without saying that you need enough lingerie to last for your trip so don’t be shy packing that (plus it doesn’t take much space anyway).

I love to buy stuff when I travel so I avoid “overloading” with clothes because I always come home with 2-3 more items I got on the way (like last summer I got a lovely peasant blouse). Consider that you may end up in Greece right smack in the summer discounts season when you can literally buy an entire wardrobe without feeling you make a big hole in your budget.

The sarong or any other cover up is a must. You can use it on the beach or when you visit monasteries and churches (you are not allowed to visit such establishments wearing tank tops and shorts…which I obviously found out the wrong way!). Not to mention that a sarong can be easily turned into a bed linen or into a …fancy bag.

And speaking of the beach…pack your swimsuit and the sunscreen in the same place.

Don’t pack new shoes. You’ll most likely hate yourself if they end up beating your feet.

Don’t forget to take necessary medications (anti-diarrhea, painkillers, “the pill”).

Make sure to take the chargers for the mobile, camera, notebook, etc (easy job if you come from Europe) and don’t forget to activate the roaming (or buy a Greek SIM Card). If you need a transformer or adapter, you can buy them as soon as you get to Greece.


In short, a woman traveling in Greece during summer will need:

  • 2 pair of pants (pack light-color if you know you won’t stain them), capris are a great choice
  • 1 pair of walking shoes (yes, the ones you know that you feel comfortable in)
  • 1 pair of sandals (just don’t attempt to walk 8 hours in them – I did and hated myself the next day!)
  • 2-3 tank tops
  • 2-3 T-shirts
  • 1 sarong
  • 1 long sleeve blouse or sweater
  • bandana or scarf
  • hat
  • lingerie
  • 1 swim suit and sunscreen
  • camera, notebook and cells chargers
  • toiletries and medications

Sounds like it’s not enough? If you plan to walk a lot and visit sights you won’t need any elegant clothes but if you stay at a 4-star hotel you might want to pack that little black dress. Plus, if you desperately need something you left at home, you can find them at those One Euro Stores we usually refuse to admit we go into (shhht!).

You should also consider that some restaurants won’t allow you to go to dinner in walking shoes and shorts, so that’s when the sandals and a nice tank top over your pants come in handy (or a nice dress).

And guys, don’t worry, I’ll cover your “suitcase” in a different post.

What are your tips for packing light? And what was your best discovery ever related to this topic?

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