Top 5 Secret Greek Islands

Spending your vacation on one of the Greek islands is the perfect reward. With over 1,000 Greek islands to choose from it’s easy to just choose one of the most popular or one of the most promoted island. The only problem with those islands is that they are always crowded and if you plan to relax, that’s going to be a challenge.

But fear not for there are plenty of islands which are (still) not over run by tourists. Most of them are popular among Greeks so don’t worry about planning your ferry or plane ride either.

Now let’s take a look at the Top 5 Secret Greek Islands:


eviaEvia is by no means a small island but it’s still not over run by tourists. It’s the second largest island after Crete and is the perfect destination for those who like to take long walks in their vacation. Dominated by Mt Ochi, with remote villages well “hidden” in the mountain slopes, a lovely coast line with secluded beaches, Roman ruins, old buildings and traditional tavernas, Evia makes a perfect holiday destination. The coves and the secluded beaches make perfect locations for those who like to swim or snorkel.

Getting to Evia is very easy as the island is at a stone’s throw away from Athens. There are ferries running between Athens and Evia. The island’s capital is Karystos.


kalymnosLocated between Leros and Kos, Kalymnos is a picturesque island dominated by mountains. Popular for the sponge divers, Kalymnos is by far less popular and less invaded by tourists as its neighbor Kos. Apparently the black sand beaches don’t appeal to everyone. Fresh see food is always available and the crystal water is perfect for swimming.

Getting to Kalymnos is not hard at all as there are ferry connections from Athens and Kos (Mastichari).


keaLocated close to the mainland, Kea is no “secret” for the locals who flock here over the weekends. However, it’s still not over run by mass tourism. There are beautiful walking trails on the island, as well as secluded beaches. Don’t miss trying some traditional Greek food at one of the nice tavernas located in Ioulidha.

Getting to Kea is not hard as there are ferries running from Lavrio ( 90 min bus ride from Athens).


nisyrosA tiny volcanic island, Nisyros stands between Tilos and Kos. It’s very popular for day-trips but there are enough places to stay if you plan a longer holiday here. A highlight of the island is the volcanic crater with its fuming mini craters and beautiful walking trails. Medieval forts, old Orthodox churches and monasteries as well as a health spa complete the picturesque scenery.

To get to Nisyros you can catch a ferry either from Athens or Rhodes.


spetsesA tiny island close to the mainland, Spetses is a paradise for walkers and cyclists. The island is highly popular among Greeks and Europeans and generally attracts V.I.P. visits from all over the world.

Motor vehicles are severely restricted and you’ll be pleased to see that the locals prefer to walk pretty much everywhere. Very beautiful beaches are located right in the center of the (only) town (Spetses). College beach and Agia Marina are located close to the town and both offer the possibility to practice water sports.

Ferries arrive regularly to Spetses from Athens and other locations in the Peloponnese.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now it’s probably time to search for airfare to one of those islands.

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