Places to Eat in Athens

greek-foodRating the places to eat in any city is a challenge. We all have different tastes and there are few places which appeal to everyone. While most of the travelers who visit Athens appreciate the Greek cuisine and look for restaurants serving traditional food, others might want to experience other cuisines as well.

Here is a list of some of the best places to eat in Athens (according to travelers), divided into three categories: budget, mid-range and expensive.

Budget places to eat in Athens


Address: Voulis 44a Plaka

This taverna is a good choice if you are looking for something traditional and don’t want to fall into the tourist traps. The menu is basic and make sure to look for the daily specials (which usually include seafood).

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices €7-€15
>>Credit cards: Not accepted


Address: 9 Aisopou, Psirri

The restaurant is located on the pedestrian street in Psirri. The Greek ads and retro decorations surely add to the atmosphere, together with the live music. The menu changes every two months and you can find daily specialties, as well.

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices €8-€15
>>Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard

Diporto Agoras

Address: 1 Theatrou, Omonia

This traditional taverna is located close to the Athens Central Market. All dishes are delicious but the place is known for the chickpeas soup and the grilled fish. It is closed in mid August.

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices N/A
>>Credit cards: Not accepted

Mid-range places to eat in Athens


Address: 15 Meandhrou

The restaurant serves traditional home-made Greek food. There is no menu here so just pick up what you like from the some dishes brought to your table. Good bets are pastitsio and dolmades. The restaurant is closed from August to mid September.

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices €15-€30 (main courses)
>>Credit cards: Not accepted


Address: 23 Adrianou

The place has a special feel to it and looks like the children decorated it. The menus are handwritten (and there is a menu in English, too). The outdoor tables offer a lovely view of the Acropolis. Vegetarians can choose among a variety of dishes.

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices €15-€30 (main courses)
>>Credit cards: Not accepted


Address: Plateon 15, Keramikos

The courtyard offers a lovely green and refreshing escape for those looking to eat good food. Traditional Greek dishes are served, along with other specialities. The ingredients are brought from all over the country. The bread is homemade. The main courses include fish and meat dishes, but vegetarians can try some of the salads.

>>Cuisine: Traditional Greek
>>Prices €25 (7 courses and a glass of wine)
>>Credit cards: Not accepted

Expensive places to eat in Athens


Address: 80 Piraeus Street

The chef of Varoulko has gained the first Michelin star for Greek food. The terrace overlooking the Acropolis is a choice for a night out and you’ll be spoiled with some of the best views in Athens. Those who enjoy seafood will love it here. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

>>Cuisine: International, Seafood
>>Prices €50 (a la carte)
>>Credit cards: American Express, Visa, Mastercard/Maestro

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Photo credits: Ruukel on Flickr ; plusgood on Flickr

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