My Favorite Travel Accessories: What I Bring on Trips

As I was planning my wedding anniversary in Greece this year, I got to thinking about the travel accessories I bring on my trips. I love to travel light and while I am not always feeling like being very girly during my travels, I am no tomboy either.I am not going to talk about clothes or shoes this time , but in case you wonder what else travels with me, here is a list. And yes , everything in this article is affordable.


targusBack in 2008 , when I had to travel with my laptop and work from another city for a while, I got a Targus laptop backpack. I still have it and is still awesome. Except that I don’t trust it when it rains so I usually end up making it waterproof from inside. I know, time to get a new one.

I love that if I need to travel with my laptop, it surely does its job, but it is also great as a simple backpack. And I’ve used it many times for both by land and air travel.

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Day pack

quechuaLast year I went to Decathlon for the first time. I got hooked and keep going back for more. On one of the shopping sprees I found a cute day pack. It is waterproof and it is super enough for what I need on a daily basis. I’ve also folded it so small that I couldn’t believe I have done it. So it is easy to pack in your carry on. Dearest husband also has one (albeit in a tamer color).

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bandanaI got my first bandana back in 2000 when I visited Sighisoara, Romania. And yes, I still have it and use it. They can be so useful and especially during summer you want to have something to cover your head when you hike. I now have 4 bandanas, two from the places I visited. And yes, one is red.

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Waterproof light jacket

Another shopping spree at Decathlon and I found a great waterproof jacket. And boy was it useful when it rained on us. It is super lightweight and packs well, which means it is also easy to stash in your carry on.

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My favorite owl necklace

I am a sucker for hand-made jewelry and I usually buy owl related stuff from fairs when I travel. Right now I have a turquoise owl on my necklace and I love it.

FitBit Charge HR

14249_10153127698773396_8969637184800698286_nI got my FitBit Charge HR back in March 2015, after previously using my FitBit One (still have it). I love that it looks like a wrist watch and doubles as one. Plus, you don’t need to worry about it when you fly.

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Silver wedding band

Ours were made to order at a jeweler’s in town. We had silver (from old rings) that we didn’t need so figured we’d get some interesting wedding bands (see photo above). They have the Celtic knot engraved on them. I don’t wear gold and there was no point in getting expensive white gold or platinum jewelry either.

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Silver engagement ring

On my right hand I wear my engagement ring which, of course, is also silver. And the poor thing already looks like it has been through a lot. I had not taken it off at all except for when I passed security check in airports. It is a simple band and we got it from a local store.

Hand made matching bracelet

11070741_10153112520168396_2511266677283404175_nFor our 6 months anniversary, I had a friend of mine do matching bracelets for us. They are made to order and are one of a kind (red & black one from the photo).

Occasionally, I do stack up with the new stuff I buy when I travel or when I just want to wear something different. In case you ask, yes, I have two charms bracelets but I keep them at home. I still pick up charms for them when I travel.

Red headphones / hands free

headphonesI listen to music when I travel. And since I may also need to talk on the phone , I decided on a pair of flashy red headphones for when I travel. Bonus: they do not tangle!

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Red sunglasses

sunglassesSee a pattern? Yeah, I try to add color to my outfits and accessories are an easy way to do so. I actually got my current pair of shades from Italy. Of course my favorite pair broke (in two pieces, literally) during my trip to Budapest in 2015. With the sun in my eyes all the time in Italy, I looked up some affordable ones to grab. I still have them.

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Power bank

tp-linkI actually won this power bank and I am glad I did. It is lightweight and so far has done its job and offering me power when needed. I have charged both my FitBit and my cell using it.

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My smartphone

sony-z-2I am in a love relationship with Android and Sony – don’t judge, please. I had Sony phones before smartphone era and I remained loyal to the brand. This is my fourth Sony smartphone and I love it the most. It takes amazing photos, I can read on it and it doesn’t mind a bit of rain. Battery life is long as long as I don’t use the screen a lot (sigh).

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  1. Great tips for ‘go to’ packing stuff! The weirdest thing I pack as a ‘go to’ is blue painter’s tape!! It is the duct tape of travel for us. 🙂

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