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We all fall into the trap of making lists before we plan our vacation. Sooner or later we end up asking our friends about the best restaurants in Athens or the best nightclubs in Mykonos…and then we get to thinking about the best Greek islands for our plans.

Here’s a round up of some of the best Greek islands suitable for your vacation depending on what you are looking for:

Best Greek Island for Romance: Santorini

santorini-view-1Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes , Corfu and Amorgos …they have one major thing in common: romance! If you are looking for a special place to spend your honeymoon, propose, get married or just want to surprise your beau with a romantic vacation, you surely have a lot of options.

By far though, the most romantic Greek island is Santorini, thanks to its breathtaking views of the volcano and the incredible sunsets.

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Best Greek Island for Views: Santorini

Santorini, Crete and Amorgos boast some of the most beautiful views you can find on the Greek islands. Houses perched on the side of the caldera or hidden in the green trees surely offer a superb view.

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Best Greek Island for Partying: Mykonos

Mykonos, Ios and Zakynthos…all these islands have one major thing in common: the party scene! By far the most popular Greek island when it comes to the nightclubs and parties is Mykonos but Ios has always been a favorite among younger crowds as well. Mykonos is excellent for those looking for fun, romance and exciting nightlife.

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Best Greek Island for Food: Any Island

food-santoriniSantorini, Lesvos and Crete are just three of the places where you can find excellent food and drink. But you can find incredible dishes on any Greek island and especially on the smaller, hidden islands. There’s nothing like enjoying a freshly grilled octopus which used to swim in the sea just hours before you got to the restaurant!

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Best Greek Island for History Buffs: Delos

The entire island of Delos is an archeological site which you’ll be amazed to discover. Other incredible places to visit include Paros, Aegina and Rhodes .

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Best Greek Island for Snorkeling and Diving: Alonissos

The sea all around the Greek islands is filled with amazing shipwrecks, marine life and rock formations. For example, the area around Skopelos, Alonissos and the Marine park have the second largest concentration of ancient and Middle Ages ship wrecks in the entire world.

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  1. It is always more exciting to spend the holidays in a destination where the sun is shining most times of the year. In this kind of location you have no reason to worry about raging storms or endless snowfall.

  2. Karpathos island has the best and most varied beaches in Greece. During the summer you can also happen upon the many traditional panigiria with Karpathian dansing and singing.

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