Choosing the right accommodation can really make or break your vacation…and your budget. When planning your vacation in Greece you can choose between staying in a hotel, choosing an up-beat hostel, renting a room, renting a vacation house or camping.

Hotels in Greece

Hotels in Greece are rated either LUX (or 5 stars) or A,B,C,D or E according to the internal regulations. If you are budget traveler, choosing either a “B” or “C” class hotel might be the best choice.

Unfortunately, the rating is not really “standard”. It depends on a lot of factors, like facilities, pool or restaurant.

Make sure to check if the prices listed include the facilities. Sometimes prices might be listed without the price for using the Air-Conditioner. It’s advisable to use a travel agent to book your hotel as big companies may offer really low prices compared to what you’d find directly at the hotel’s reception.

Hostels in Greece

All over the world, hostels cater for the up-beat, energetic crowds. Hostels in Greece are just the same. There are hostels on almost every Greek island and you will definitely find them on big islands and in Athens. The prices are really low and the atmosphere is great. You can book on line because most hostels won’t even work with travel agencies.

Vacation Rentals in Greece

If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, renting a vacation house is a great way to save money and be independent. Apartments, villas, beach houses can be rented either directly from the owner or via an agency.

Rooms for rent

Renting a room in a small apartment or house is one of the nicest ways to spend your Greek vacation. You may notice that, when you arrive on the islands, and mostly on the small islands, right near the peer you’ll find tourist information offices. There you can find a travel agent willing to help you find accommodation. Of course, there are also plenty of locals waiting to offer rooms to the foreign travelers. In such rooms you won’t find the hotel facilities –breakfast in bed, international phone , etc – but this kind of accommodation has its charms and most importantly allows you to learn a bit more about the Greek culture.


There are a lot of organized camping grounds in Greece. You can bring your own tent or rent one. However, free camping is not allowed. There are some small islands where you can camp directly on the beach because there aren’t any hotels on the island, but on big islands, look for the organized camping sites. Prices are really low: between €5-10/person for the camping spot , €4 for the electrical outlet and so on.