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Book Review: Corfu- A Notebook by Richard ClarkWhen I received the copy of Corfu – A Notebook I was, again, intrigued, as I’ve also read Crete- A Notebook, Rhodes – A Notebook and The Greek Islands – A Notebook.

In true Richard Clark style, Corfu – A Notebook is not a travel guide but a lovely snapshot of places on the island, its culture and its people. Aside from details on Corfu, the book also comprises info on the other islands in the Ionian group. Kefalonia

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Book Review: The Taint of Midas (The Greek Detective #2) by Anne ZouroudiIt’s the second book by Anne Zourodi that I have the pleasure of reading. I started the book on the last day of 2013 and barely made myself put it down. I finished it on Jan 2. It felt amazing to read a hard copy. Not to mention, the story kept me glued to the book.

The novel is set on the beautiful Greek island of Arcadia. Gabrilis Kaloyeros is a bee-keeper here. He also has been taking care of the

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Winter Itinerary in Greece

by Cristina on January 3, 2014

Winter Itinerary in GreeceWinter in Greece can offer anything from mild , sunny days on the islands to snowy, cold days on the mainland. The best part about visiting Greece during winter is the possibility to experience the country as it’s not seen by the tourists who only come here during summer. After the crowds are gone, you get to experience everything at a slower pace, soaking up the scenery and sights. Not to mention that visiting Greece during winter also lowers

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Book Review: The Messenger of Athens (The Greek Detective #1) by Anne ZouroudiI must admit I have not heard of Anne Zouroudi until she asked me whether I was interested in reading a book she wrote. A book set in Greece. But of course, I was. And not knowing what she wrote about and not having read any reviews either, made it more interesting.

I got The Messenger of Athens delivered right after I came from my vacation and couldn’t wait to read it. I have read mostly e-books this year

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Book Review: The Greek Islands – A Notebook by Richard ClarkHaving already read Crete- A Notebook (January this year) and Rhodes-A Notebook (in June this year) I was slightly afraid I’d re-reading some stuff all over again. But I was wrong; while the books on Crete and Rhodes do contain some stories which are also in the Greek Islands book, there is enough fresh content not to get bored.

Richard Clark is a British journalist who has lived on Crete in the eighties while he taught English as

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Best Hotels in Thessaloniki for under €100Thessaloniki is a vibrant city, with an atmosphere totally different than the capital. With only one hostel in the city, many travelers struggle to find the best options for a cheap and clean place to stay. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best hotels in Thessaloniki for under €100 per night …and also an exception to the rule.

Hotel Orestias Kastorias

This small family run hotel is located close to all the important sites in

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