What to wear in Greece during the cold season

Many travelers forget that winter has its own charm even in Greece. While most of us know Greece for its beaches and summer activities, only some have discovered the country’s charm during the cold season.

Greeks like to dress well but they are not as fashion oriented as French or Italians. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful what you pack for your vacation in Greece during the cold season. Also, remember that the climate in Greece is warmer than in Central-Western Europe so make sure not to bring clothes for freezing temperatures (unless you want to go skiing).

Weather in Winter

Winter in Greece lasts from November until March and while you won’t be able to soak up the sun and need to bring a jacket in your luggage, it’s not that cold here.

Thessaloniki has a colder climate and the coldest month is January when the temperatures average 8C/48F during the day and 1C/34F during the night. Athens has a warmer climate with average temperatures of 12C/55F during the day and 6C/44F during the night in January. The islands are blessed with a mild climate and it’s usually warmer than in Athens. For example, in Crete the temperatures average 14C/58F during the day and 8C/48F during the night in January.

What to pack


We all love the comfortable jeans and during winter they are a very good wardrobe choice for both men and women. They are versatile and can be combined with a lot of items you can easily turn them into a fancier outfit for clubs. Try to opt for neutral colors though; blue jeans don’t give you the chic look.

Blouses & Shirts

During winter you cannot walk on the streets without a jacket on so make sure to pack the appropriate blouses and shirts considering what you’ll be doing during your vacation. If you plan to spend time in fancy restaurants, pack an elegant shirt to go with your skirt or jeans. T-shirts can be a good choice especially if you prefer layering and always go for the casual style.

Dresses and Skirts

It’s probably a bit too cold to walk in the city wearing skirts or dresses but if you plan to go clubbing, you should pack that little dress (yes, it can even be black).

Backpack or purse

A lady always needs to be prepared for everything so we tend to put too many things in our purses. If you prefer the casual style, there are several choices; from small backpacks (where you can fit your cell, camera, wallet and map) to larger purses. If you go to a club or fancy restaurant, a small, elegant purse is the best choice.


You will need at least two jackets: an elegant one for those nights when you want to go out clubbing and a casual one for the days when you check out the sights. Choose the neutral colors which can be easily combined with your shoes (and purse). Don’t choose those heavy winter jackets because it’s hardly likely to experience below zero temperatures (unless you go to a mountain resort)


Unless you plan to go to a mountain resort, leave the hiking boots at home. You can choose elegant (leather) shoes which go well with your purse or if you prefer the casual style, a pair of walking shoes is perfect for checking out the sights.

If you go skiing…

If you plan to ski in Greece make sure to bring the appropriate clothing for the cold weather. Layering is a must and you also need to remember that you shouldn’t allow your clothes to get moist. Ski pants and a fleece jacket should be in your backpack. Also, don’t forget the ski hat, ski jacket and gloves. The rest of the gear can be rented (skis, poles and boots).

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