Should I Use a Travel Agent or Can I Book My Vacation in Greece on my Own?

When starting to plan a vacation in Greece, the first question which comes to mind is whether one should use a travel agent or book on their own. There are pros and cons for each choice, so this post is going to detail them, as well as offer solutions for booking the trip on your own.

Why would I use a travel agent?

If you don’t have time to do any research and you only have a vague idea of what you want to do in Greece, then you should talk to a travel agent or a travel consultant about your trip.

Likewise, if you plan to spend your honeymoon in Greece and have never researched or booked travel on your own before, it’s best to go through a specialist.

Why would I book on my own?

If you want to have complete control over your booked travel and don’t fancy the idea of hunting down your travel agent for any change or question, then you most definitely should book on your own.

You know what’s best for you and no amount of talking to any agent would get them even close to how you can alter the search parameters in your favor.

If you want to use miles / points or opt for a low-cost carrier, booking on your own is your best bet. Some agents do accept miles but there’s also a hefty commission to pay for using them. And when it comes to low-cost carriers, agents don’t get perks but they may (and will) charge on top of the fare.

If you prefer to skip the hotel and hostel but like rentals and home stays, then booking on your own is best. And even if you do go with a hotel, chances are you can snatch a great deal without any help.

If you follow your favorite airline on social media and you want to make use of their promotions, you are lucky as you can do that when you book on your own. Likewise for any discount codes you get in email or any memberships you have paid for. No agent will be able to get those discounts.

If you end up making changes to your reservations, you don’t want to add yet another fee on top on the airline’s fee and fare difference, right? Then book on your own. But yes, you’ll have to deal with the change yourself. Don’t worry, as most airlines allow you to do that directly from your account with them.

If you love to wing it, then you should book on your own. Last minute deals aren’t really part of any agent’s arsenal, so keep your eyes on those offers and enjoy snatching them!

How can I book on my own through LooknWalk Greece?

Glad you are asking that! LooknWalk Greece makes it easy for you to plan and book your vacation in Greece. First of all, you can contact us at cristina [at] greecelogue [dot] com and ask any questions you may have about planning your trip. And it’s completely FREE.

Secondly, use the categories to the right to better navigate to site and read about Greece and visiting this amazing country.

And yes, you can also book travel through us.

Book cheap flights

You can book through Skyscanner by clicking this link. On the page which opens, just fill in your search criteria and then follow the screens to book. The booking will be directly with the airline once you pass the Skyscanner search part.

Or you can book through Kiwi by clicking this link. Fill in the search criteria, then choose the result you need and follow the screens to book. The downside of this search engine is that you won’t be able to select extras (i.e. larger cabin bag , priority boarding).

Book ferries

You can also book ferry tickets through us. Just click the link and , on the page which opens, fill in your search criteria and then follow the screens to book.

Book rail tickets & passes

Eurail offers several passes, including Eurail Select , which includes Greece. Click the link and on the page which opens, just click the number of countries you want to include, choose the countries and follow the screens to book.

Booking accommodation

Browse home stays , which are a great options for those who want to be immersed in the Greek culture.

Car hire

If you prefer to rent a car for your Greece trip, you can do that by clicking the link. Then just fill in your search criteria and follow the screens to book.

A conclusion

It’s important to know that you don’t need to be an internet wizard to book travel on your own, but you need to have some spare time to do the research and make sure that everything falls into place. And after you’ve put all the pieces together it’s so rewarding when you realize you’ve actually did that on your own!

On the other hand, if you have no idea what you want to do or the thought of running a search online scares you, then it’s best to go through a specialized person.

Disclaimer: the links above are affiliate links. LooknWalk Greece will get a small commission if you book your travel through them, but this fact does not influence the price.

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