Top 5 Reasons to Visit Greece during Winter

As the summer season draws to an end many think that there’s nothing to do in Greece during winter. Let’s stop for a while and think about what Greece has to offer and doesn’t have anything to do with the summer or beaches. The archeological sites are there all the time and they are not even crowded during the winter. Greece has mountains and hence ski slopes for anyone to enjoy.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should visit Greece during winter.

1. The weather

Especially if you live in a temperate climate, the winter weather in Greece is downright warm. Unless you head to the northern regions you won’t experience snowfall or cold. In the southern parts, temperatures can reach 70F/21C during the day which is perfect for exploring the cities or islands.

Plus, if the weather is nice you can still catch one of the ferries to the islands. The big islands are served by ferries all year round but the schedule can get a bit hectic when the weather turns nasty.

2. The crowds – or lack there of

Yes, the crowds are gone and you can finally experience the real Greek culture. No more struggling to get the perfect picture trying to avoid the rest of the people who want to take a photo themselves or standing in endless lines to get into a museum or grab a bite to eat.

The Greeks are more “themselves” when the crowds of tourists are gone. You’ll be able to listen to authentic music in tavernas and eat the real food, not what’s been prepared for the tourists.

3. The prices

Since the crowds are gone, the prices aren’t that high either. Except for the skiing resorts which are “in season” and the Christmas- New Year’s period when the hotels usually charge more, the off-season in Greece is very affordable. Everything costs less: airfare and accommodation .

Many hotels on the major islands are open year round so don’t worry about finding a place to stay. Plus, there are also a lot of special offers available. Just make sure to have a way to get to the respective island (either a local flight or a ferry).

4. The sights

Finally you can plan your visit to Acropolis, Delphi or Meteora without having to be the first to enter the site in order to avoid both the crowds and the heat. You can now explore the sights at a slower pace. There’s nothing more pleasant than strolling between the ruins of the Acropolis enjoying every single piece of history. Take your time to explore the place and linger around until sunset when the Acropolis offers one of the most spectacular sunset views of Athens.

5. The skiing

If you like to ski, come to Greece. The resorts in the northern part of the country, close to Thessaloniki, are a great place to spend a winter vacation. Since many don’t even know that it’s possible to ski in Greece you’ll be presently surprised to find a lot of Greeks skiing here as well as people who come to enjoy a vacation in a relaxed place. And if you get bored of the cold and snow you can always go warmer destinations which are just a flight way (and you won’t be leaving Greece either).

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