Scooter Rental

If you watch a documentary about Greece you’ll see the traveler riding a scooter! No doubt, scooter renting is the highlight of any holiday in Greece! You can find scooters anywhere in Greece, from Athens to the smallest island. Scooters are small and you can easily find a parking space. They are also quite cheap and always fun!

Driving a Scooter in Greece

Due to the fact that foreign visitors have been injuring themselves in scooter related accidents, mostly due to alcohol and inexperience, the scooter driving rules have drastically changed in Greece.

Greece is known for having the highest road accident rates in the European Union, as Greek drivers are nervous, by-pass all traffic rules and drive over the speed limit. Roads are all the time under repairs.

Combine all these and you’ve got good reasons for tight rules. Anyone driving a scooter in Greece must have a separate motorcycle license from their home countries. Many EU countries have already required separate licensing for motorcycles. The same law exists in US and the rules apply to US citizens who drive in Greece, as well.

Be careful when using the mountain roads. Although the views are spectacular, the roads can cause motion sickness. A very dangerous maneuver is taking a left turn on any road. Since scooters are small, car drivers might just “overlook” your signals. So extend your arm point to the left for a good distance (say 200 meters or about 600 feet).

Gas stations close around 7 PM during the week and are closed all day on Sundays. By law, in each area, at least one gas station must remain open at night and on Sundays.


Scooter rental prices depend on the type of scooter and season. The VAT tax and other taxes are not included in the price, so allow up to 15% for those. Prices might vary on each island and at each company.

For example, in low season, October to end of May, a 80cc scooter can be rented for 9-11€/day, while a 250cc scooter costs 23-28€/day. In middle season, the smallest scooter can be ranted for 11-13€/day, while the biggest scooter costs 26-32€/day. In high season, the same scooters can be rented for 13-15€/day and 36-40€/day respectively.

The rental price includes the third party insurance. Extra fees can be taken for protection in case of a flat tire or to receive a collision damage waver. You have to pay for the gas and any traffic fine received.

Where do I Find Scooters for Rent?

You can find scooters for rent pretty much anywhere in Greece: at or around the airports, at hotels or hostels. A car renting company offers scooters as well (or in most cases). You can also do some research on line and calculate your budget. It is worth to book in advance as scooters can get scarce during summer months.