Spring in Greece


The beautiful wildflowers are in bloom, the weather is pleasant and there are plenty of things to do now in Greece. Spring is considered shoulder season, hence the prices are affordable and the crowds have not yet arrived.


The months of April and May represent spring in Greece. The nice days start to be more frequent but especially in April, it’s still quite cold all over Greece. April is also quite rainy but not all over the country. May, on the other hand is starting to feel almost like summer. Hot days might occur although are not common.

While the average daytime temperature in Athens in April is about 18C/66F, in May we can already expect 23C/74. It’s great for sightseeing and exploring the city. The nights are still rather cold (11-15C/52-60F) so if you go clubbing make sure to wear proper clothing.

In fact, the temperatures are about the same all over the country so sightseeing is the best thing to do now as the water has not warmed up enough for swimming.

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Facilities & Prices

The hotels which were closed during the winter start to open, right before Easter (which always falls either in April or May) so pretty much all islands are starting to “spring back to life”.

It’s still a bit challenging to relay on the ferries now due to the spring winds which tend to interfere with the normal schedule. The other option, of course, is flying . The domestic flights are plentiful but there still aren’t that many direct international flights to the islands.

Between Good Friday and Easter Monday all banks and government offices will be closed. On Easter Sunday the shops will be closed as well and they have short schedules during the rest of the holiday period.

The prices are still low in spring but they tend to peak little around Easter. Still, compared to the high season, we can still consider the prices affordable. Plus, usually the early book discounts offers are planned around this time of the year so if you keep your eyes on the offers, you can find a good bargain.

What to do

easter-food-springThe major event in spring is Easter. The most important festivities occur on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday is relatively quiet. It’s the time to visit families and enjoy the great Easter Food .

Interesting festivities take place all over the country during Easter. They vary from place to place and most involve some fiery action. Torch light processions and fireworks mark the Resurrection.

As a tourist, you’ll be delighted with incredible roasted lamb and different soups prepared in the taverns which use century old recipes. Although many high end restaurants offer good food, it’s still a good idea to look for a “hidden” taverna without any sign of the menu being translated in English.

If you plan to check out some museums for free, make sure to be in Greece on May 18, which marks International Museums Day.

On May 20, Crete is home to major festivities commemorating the resistance to Hitler’s paratrooper invasion and called “Battle of Crete”.

Where to go

Spring is a great place to visit any part of Greece. Although you shouldn’t expect to be able to swim, you might be lucky to experience some sun bathing weather.

Athens offers lovely weather to sight see. The beautiful wild flowers on the Acropolis are in bloom so the sight is even more beautiful. Also, you can take day trips to the near-by islands.

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Corfu also has great weather now but it’s colder during the night. Still, May might be the perfect month to visit the island if you want to avoid the crowds.
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Crete doesn’t receive that much rain fall in spring thanks to being influenced by the North African climate so if you plan to avoid the showers, this is a good option.

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Meteora is best visited in May. The weather is nice and the surrounding landscape is absolutely magnificent.

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Mykonos , blessed by the Mediterranean weather, has warm temperatures and doesn’t get that much rain either (typically little rain during the entire tourist season).
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Rhodes has true Mediterranean climate so expect warm days.
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Santorini usually offers bright and sunny weather with little rain. However, the tourist season pretty much starts in April (right before Easter) so expect the prices to be a bit higher than anywhere else in Greece.
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Thessaloniki might have bit colder nights but during the day it’s nice to check out the sights. Plus, it’s also a good start point for some day trips.

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