Souvenirs from Greece

We all love souvenirs…whenever I go to a place I pick up something. My house is filled with stuffed animals from different zoos, seashells, coffee mugs and other small things I can use all the time and they remind me of the places I’ve been so far. Lately I’ve bought clothes during the sales period (time will tell how long the clothes will last though). What’s the tackiest I’ve got so far? Hmm…very hard to tell!

Obviously when visiting Greece there are plenty of souvenirs to pick up from the places you visit. And, evidently, some are tacky. Let’s take a look both of tacky souvenirs and at really nice things you can get.

Tackiest souvenirs


statuesThis is something that gives me shivers down the spine! Of course you cannot bring real antiques from Greece but you can buy replicas of your favorite God or Goddess or maybe a nude or a Cycladic face.


Another item which is better left on the shelves! Seriously, you can buy caps at home and I doubt you would wear your Greek cap everywhere…that’s unless you are a serious athlete and train a lot and you might actually find something useful to do with it. But still, the money can be used for something totally different.


These small eye-looking things are believed to protect against evil eye and you can find them all over the souvenir shops in Greece.

Grain of rice with your name engraved in it

Yes, you can find them at a souvenir shop in Plaka, Athens. They can engrave your name (and your spouse’s of course) on a tiny grain of rice. Might be unique but it’s tacky and plus, sounds like something you should get from Asia, not Greece!


There are stores in which you can have your own Greek text or building personalized on a t-shirt. Cute? Yes! Tacky? Sort of. As long as you wear the t-shirt at home and not in Greece you can get away with this one. At least print some Greek lettering on it though.

Useful and beautiful things you can get



Karpatos is the best place to buy natural sponges. They can either have their natural color or are bleached but all make a great souvenir you can use when you get back home. Of course you can find sponges in souvenir shops all over Greece.

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Greek Traditional Goods

Whether you buy olive oil, herbs, cheeses, canned sardines from Lesvos , ouzo, or soap made from olive oil, they are all useful and will remind you of Greece in a very nice way.

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Pistachios grow on Aegina Island but you can pick them from many nut stores, especially in the markets in Athens. They can make also make great gifts for your friends back home.

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If you want to buy clothes try to get to Athens around the sales period (end of August, January-February). With some luck you can find cheap clothes even from well known designers. Of course you cannot know if the clothes will last a lot or not but at least you can wear them for a season.

10 thoughts on “Souvenirs from Greece

  1. Many thanks for your advise.Actually, I don’t need to buy the bag with famous brand name. I just want to buy a cowskin backpack or cowskin bag for my casual wear. Where can I find this kind of bag in Greece ? Thanks for your adv in advance. B.Rgds / Jenny

  2. The sandals from the Poet Sandal maker in Athens are a real bargain, authentic, and are ready very quickly. The women in our party bought 10 pairs in total, some to bring back for gifts.

  3. Bought a lightweight tote in santorini last week. Looking to buy more. White & silver with greek pen design in large print all over. Any ideas where to find. Bought in souvenier shop buy do not have name.

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