Russian Embassy and Consulates in Greece

Generally speaking, when a Russian citizen needs the help of the Russian Embassy, something went terribly wrong. The Russian Embassy in Athens and the Consulates in Athens and Thessaloniki are meant to offer assistance to the Russian citizens living in Greece and those traveling to Greece.

If a Russian citizen falls ill , is arrested, is victim of a crime, need medical assistance or has lost the passport, he/she needs to contact the Russian Embassy or the Consulate in Thesssaloniki in order to get assistance.

Russian Embassy in Athens

Address: 28, Nikiforou Litra str., Pfleo Psikhiko, Athens 15452

Phone: +30 210 672-6130, +30 210 672-5235

Fax: +30 210 674-97-08



Russian Consulate in Thesalloniki

Address: 5, Dimosthenus str., Thessaloniki 54624

Phone: +30-231-0 257-201, 257-666

Fax: +30-231-0 257-202

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