Random Greece Photo of the Week

Mykonos… the island located in the Cyclades, with idyllic peaceful Greek landscape, picturesque white houses and the tranquil views of the Aegean Sea. This is how Mykonos used to be. Today, when someone says Mykonos, you think about crazy all-night-long parties, crowds of celebrities and paparazzi hunting for famous ones. Who would have thought that one visit of Jackie O. would forever turn the island into a must visit place for international stars? However, it is still possible to find some quiet places, even in busy Mykonos Town, the largest city in Mykonos island. This town is a tangle of narrow streets, whitewashed houses with blue roofs, charming cozy eateries and luxury designers’ boutiques. Skip those streets filled with tourists – the prettiest ones are actually those in the backyard! You will quickly discover picturesque corners and real Greek restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood. And maybe you will even come across some famous Greek cat?

This photo was submitted by Magda & Michal from Follow the View. You can follow them on Instagram.

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