Random Greece Photo of the Day

This quaint little chapel, with the distinctive red roof, can be found on the island of Mykonos. Set within a labyrinth of alleyways that course through a series of whitewashed buildings that are lined in royal blue trim, this chapel stands as a testament to the vibrant and historic culture of this captivating island. A culture that is often overshadowed by the vivacious party scene that permeates throughout the island.

But if you step away from the pounding house music, that echoes throughout the islands many pristine, white sand beaches, you can catch a glimpse of Greek culture at its finest. Just stop and marvel at a chapel that has witnessed both the joys of birth and the sorrows of death for many hundreds of years; events that have helped shape the cultural identity of Mykonos today.

As you marvel at the charmingly romantic beauty of this piece of religious history, listen to the waves of the Aegean as they lap up against the jagged shore. In this moment, you are reminded that perhaps there is more to Mykonos than meets the eye. All you have to do is just stop, look past all the enthusiastic party goers, and marvel at the natural and architectural beauty of one of the most famous islands in all of Greece.

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