Paradise Beach Mykonos

sea-1217911_640The party atmosphere is at its best on Paradise Beach but don’t be surprised to see nudity, as well. Dubbed as one of the best beaches on the island of Mykonos, Paradise Beach has been popular among tourists since the days of the hippies.

Location and how to get to Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach stands in the southern part of Mykonos, between Paranga Beach and Super Paradise Beach.

The beach is easy accessible by foot from Platis Yialos. Also there is a bus service that runs to the beach from the city of Mykonos and you can also take a taxi-boat.


On the beach you’ll find sun beds, showers, a restaurant, a beach bar, water sports center, and diving center. Close by there’s a bus service and a camping ground.

Things to do

Besides the obvious, of course, which is soaking in the sun all day long, you can spend some time in the popular bars. During the day you can also practice water sports – like jet skiing – or go scuba diving.

In the evening, head to the popular Cavo Paradiso, which is a night club offering a pool, a restaurant, a beach bar and a stunning view from the hill where it stands.

During the night, Paradise Beach transforms itself into a huge club with people dancing on the sand on the load music played at the bars. Needless to say the majority of people who come here are young.

After a night of partying you can cure your hangover (or just tiredness) at Tropicana bar, where you can get a glass of fresh orange juice for only couple of euros.

Need to know

  • Paradise Beach is a party beach, so don’t come here in hope of finding peace and quiet. Instead you’ll find party people dancing on the tables at 5 AM.
  • If you plan to not spend too much money on accommodation and meals, head to the camping ground. There’s a restaurant which belongs to the camping and where the meals are cheap but very good.
  • Cavo Paradiso seems to be open only during weekends. Also try not to show up too early, as the club only opens at 1:30 AM.
  • Topless is a very common way to bathe here. Nudity is also very normal here. You don’t need to “blend in” but you can surely try.
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