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Address: Mets, Athens
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For my recent stay in Athens (n.a. 2017), I was looking for a cute place in a safe area. We stayed before in Monastiraki (n.a. 2012) but I wanted to avoid that area this time and the only decently priced options were in Omonia (which, yes, is not recommended by any local). So, I was getting nervous and started asking my friends in Athens if they can help me with a place to stay. Luckily, one of them could and I found a real gem!

How to get to

The studio is located right behind the Panathenaic Stadium. If you are coming from the Airport, the easiest way to get here is by metro. Get off at Syntagma stop then walk to the bus station and hop on 209. Do make sure to check the hours when the bus runs.

Another option is to just walk from Syntagma metro, along and then through the National Gardens, passing by the Zappion, then the Panathenaic Stadium.

The studio

The studio comprises a fully equipped kitchenette – complete with coffee maker, coffee, honey, tea leaves, and spices!- , a dining table, a fridge, a double bed, a lovely bathroom with shower, as well as storage place on the hallway. There’s excellent wi-fi in the studio, as well as AC/heating and a balcony. The windows are double glazed so there is no noise at all coming from the street.

It is ideal for a couple that wants privacy. The street is quiet, although it’s steps away from a variety of cafes and restaurants. It is also a very safe location.

Our experience

We have stayed before in rentals and, aside from one time when I friend booked through a booking engine, all other stays were booked through and with help from friends living in the cities we visited.

This time we were the lucky “first timers”. The host used our stay as a “test drive” to see if everything is OK with the place before he posted it on AirBnb (thus, my review is not on the site). What did it mean to us? We had to pay attention to details we would probably not care much about, usually.

The host met us in Syntagma Square after keeping in touch with me before our departure to Athens and after we landed. We decided we wanted to walk to the apartment – the flight (2 hours) + the metro (45 min) were too much and we really wanted to stretch our legs. On the way, we discovered how beautiful the National Gardens are at this time of the year (as we’ve seen them before in March).

Once we got to the apartment, I fell in love with how chic it looked. And all the goodies that were waiting for us (excellent personal touch!). It felt like home pretty fast and we were sad when we had to leave.

During our stay in Athens, we explored both the surrounding area – there are awesome taverns to eat in, as well as a general store and bakery – and made our way to Plaka and Monastiraki. By the way, the walk to Monastiraki is about 35-40 min, while to Syntagma it takes about 25 min (but depends on which shortcut you take). We passed through the Gardens and explore them quite a bit on one occasion.

For us, it was super easy to get from the studio to the main sites. Plus, passing by the Panathenaic Stadium, Zappion, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Gate each time was enchanting. We love to walk and explore. And by the way: we didn’t even need a map save from when I was trying to find the shortest route coming from Monastiraki (turns out, it is the one I already knew about). But, if you haven’t been to Athens before, you may find our cell’s navigation quite useful.

We loved the attention to details: from the beautiful bathroom decorations to the elegant room and cute plates! And I have to mention the wi-fi: it was fast (ADSL)!

We will definitely consider this place again when we go back to Athens. We loved how quite it was at night and how safe we felt.

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