October in Greece

Prices are low, nothing is crowded and the weather is pleasant. Plenty of events and festivals to enjoy the best fall in Greece.


The weather is pleasant but can get cooler by the end of the month. The trend, however, is to have quite warm weather in October so don’t worry about the weather being too cold. It’s worth it to check the forecast bit in advance though. On the islands, it’s quite windy.


Athens: avg high 22C/73F ; avg low 15C/60F

Rhodes: avg high 23C/75F ; avg low 18C/65F

Thessaloniki: avg high 21C/70F ; avg low 11C/52F

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Due to winds the water transportation is often disturbed. The seasonal ferry routes are closed and so are most of the hotels and restaurants on the islands. Some of the domestic flights are also cut back. Prices are moderate to low and your best bet is to visit the mainland. The capital and Thessaloniki are served by regular international flights but it is advisable to check the schedule.

Things to do

There are plenty of local events and fairs to enjoy in October. The parade on Ochi Day (October 28) is an important event which makes traffic stop and businesses close for the day (including most archeological sites). Coastal cities usually have naval parades on this special day. Ochi Day is the anniversary of General Metaxas’ denial to the Italians’ request for free passage to invade Greece. His denial brought Greece into the war on the Allied side.

The celebration is even more important in Thessaloniki: the city celebrates its patron saint, Saint Dimitrios (Oct 26), its freedom from Turkey and commemorates the entry of the country in World War II.

Also in Thessaloniki, you can take a look at the jewelry exhibited at Kosmina (on Oct 17), the only international trade event dedicated to fashion jewelry and accessories industry in Greece.

5 thoughts on “October in Greece

  1. Hi, regarding the above October weather quotes, are those fairly accurate? I’m planning to visit from mid-October Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini and would like it to be at least mid-70s.

    Would September be better to visit?

  2. @Janica: yes, September it’s better to visit. if you can get there by Sept 15, the sea is warm enough to still enjoy some swimming. By in Sept there are still reliable ferry connections.

  3. hi. we ar thinking of staying in Crete for the first 10 days of October, will the weater be still quite hot enough to enjoy a swim and are the nights cold? what is the average temp?


  4. @Harry: In Heraklion (Crete), the average high temp is 74F/23C and the avg low is 62F/16C. I wouldn’t call that weather to go to the beach. I do suggest early Sept though (the water is still warm) and the temps are up to 26C during the day.

  5. @Harry & @Janica: those are average temps available online. It’s possible to have a mild autumn wt higher temps or have rough weather. Autumns and springs are unpredictable all over Europe.

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