Mykonos Nightlife

Welcome to Tropicana Beach ClubMykonos is known for its nightlife, ranking high among the Greek party islands. Actually, it’s considered one of the best party destinations in Europe, competing with Ibiza when it comes to clubbing and partying.

During the summer season, tourists gather in all kind of bars, taverns and clubs to have fun and dance the night (and day) away. Many famous bars organize wild beach parties as well. The nightlife is active and the people very friendly. It’s practically impossible to leave the island without making at least one more friend.

The island is very famous for being a gay-friendly destination. The gay scene is active but unless you are specifically looking for gay bars and other such activities, you won’t even notice this detail. However, it is also an adult partying playground. So, couples will absolutely love it here. But, there are also plenty of secluded and quiet beaches to choose from and escape the dynamic lifestyle.

Mykonos is probably the most famous of the Greek islands and , therefore, it’s crowded and expensive (at least compared to the other Greek islands).

Where to party

Paradise Beach is both a quiet and relaxing destination (during the day), as much as it is a wild one (during the night). There are several restaurants on the beach (with excellent Greek food). There are limited recreational activities though (tubing, ski jets, water skiing and scuba diving).
There are buses connecting the beach with the town every half-hour.

By mid-afternoon, Tropicana Beach Bar opens with mellow tunes, just enticing the party goers. Then, the music changes and by the time the party starts you’ll hear mostly techno. The dancing and drinking continues until day break.

Sunrise Bar tries to compete with the above mentioned bar but they don’t seem to be able to keep up.

For the more romantic travelers, watching the sunset at Caprice Bar in town is the best way to start the night. It’s more expensive than Tropicana Beach Bar though. And one more thing: Caprice Bar is very popular among the Greeks visiting the island, so if you want to feel like a local, this is the place to be.

On the corner of Little Venice , you’ll find Veranda bar, an excellent place to watch the sunset. It’s crowded (just like the entire area).

But the real party starts every night at 11 at the Skandinavian Bar and Disco. It’s right in the middle of the pedestrian intersection. The place comprises two bars, an outdoor patio and a disco. Drinks aren’t very expensive.

If you are after authentic Greek music and dancing, head to Mykonos Bar. It also plays popular tunes though.

But the biggest dance club in Mykonos is Space Bar. It’s located right by the bus station. It’s the smaller sister of the popular Athenian bar. It plays only techno. The cover charge is €10 and the drinks are also pricey.

After the parties died in the above mentioned clubs, it’s time to head to Cavo Paradiso . Here, the fun starts in the early morning hours

There are plenty other bars and clubs in Mykonos, each with its own charm. In the port you’ll find the Port Bar, well known for its pizza; while Seargo, located in the town, is excellent for regrouping after a wild night.

Where to eat

And after all that partying you’ll be very hungry. The best party for authentic Greek food is Niko’s Tavern, located right in the harbor. All dishes cost between €5 and €10 and a beer is €2.

In the town you’ll find Kostas. It’s popular and crowded. All dishes cost €7 to €10.

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