Most Romantic Greek Islands

The Greek Islands have always been among the lovers choices for a destination wedding , honeymoon or just a romantic getaway. The most beautiful sunsets in the world are said to be viewed only from Santorini. What better excuse to pack your bags, grab your lover by the hand and head to the Greek islands.


By far the most interesting and unique Greek Island, Santorini is the best place to watch a sunset with your significant other. It’s also the best place to get married or spend your honeymoon. The views of the volcano cannot be matched by anything else in the world.

You can spend days checking out the traditional villages, exploring the beaches and sampling the famous wines directly from the producers. You can even visit the Wine Museum and enjoy a Greek Night (every Friday) sprinkled with good food, dances and of course, wine.

How to get to: Santorini is connected with the mainland and other Greek islands both by planes and ferries. There are also regular charter planes flying into the island every summer. The ferries to and from Santorini provide links to Athens (Piraeus) , Crete, Karpathos and Mykonos, to name just a few of the connections. There also some islands located at just 1-2 hours by ferry from Santorini and which can represent a great choice for a day trip.


The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete offers a different experience for the lovers. It’s the place to be if you fancy a cosmopolitan getaway topped with some incredible beaches.

The Palace of Knossos is an interesting place to visit. Currently only 800 (of the 1300 rooms) can be visited and it’s advisable to hire a guide.

Crete is the best choice if you have some nude bathing in mind. The official nude beach is Filaki , but you can also enjoy the nature clothes-free on the Red Beach .

For a very special day trip, hop on a ferry to Gavdos , the southern most European island. It’s the perfect getaway if you want to escape the tourist hoards.

How to get to: Crete is very well connected to the mainland and other Greek islands both by ferries and planes. There are daily ferries from Athens (Piraeus) to Crete and several ferry connections per week from Santorini . There are also regular ferries from Mykonos to Crete .


It is hard to pinpoint what’s the most romantic thing to do in Mykonos but for sure the island is a lovely destination if you want to surprise your loved one. Walk hand in hand on the narrow cobble-stone streets, enjoy the colorful Little Venice and watch the sunset as you enjoy your dinner in a taverna. One of the most interesting experiences is to visit one of the windmills .

And if you like to party all night, make sure to check out the island’s nightlife .

How to get to: Mykonos is very well connected to the mainland and the other Greek islands both by ferries and planes. You can check out the ferries to and from Mykonos and plan some lovely day trips to the near-by islands.


Quite similar to Crete when it comes to activities, Rhodes is a small island, perfect if you love medieval towns. The Old Town is, by far, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe.

There are also beautiful islands to check out and posh shops to check out. You can also Valley of the Butterflies and even if you won’t be able to spot the butterflies, the experience is quite a romantic one.

If you are looking for a day trip, the island of Kos is near-by and the ferry only takes little over 2 hours to get there. Or you can stay on the island of Rhodes and visit the traditional Greek villages .

How to get to: Rhodes is connected to the mainland and other islands by ferry and plane. There are daily ferry connections between Athens (Piraeus) and Rhodes, and a weekly connection between Thessaloniki and Rhodes . There’s also a ferry service between Santorini and Rhodes .


The island is very popular among UK travelers. Corfu offers a different experience than the Cyclades or Dodecanese islands. Walk on the narrow allies of the Old City and for a magical experience watch the sunset (or sunrise) from the esplanade which connects the old town with the Citadel. If you are looking for secluded beach to enjoy a day together, Corfu surely offers some good choices.

How to get to: Corfu can be reached by plane, bus or ferry. There are also charter flights arriving in Corfu every summer.


The island of Amorgos is a charming Cycladic island, away from the tourist hoards. If your idea of a perfect getaway includes hiking scenic trails or walking on beautiful beaches, then Amorgos is the island to head to. There are posh resorts to check out and an incredible monastery perched on top of rocks.

How to get to: the island is linked by ferries to Athens (Piraeus) and other Greek islands.

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Santorini: Navin75 on Flickr
Crete: jdlasica’s on Flickr
Mykonos: PTorrodellas on Flickr
Rhodes: crug06 on Flickr
Corfu: Domien Verschuuren on Flickr
Amorgos: blu_blue’ on Flickr

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  1. Thanks for sharing romantic island of Greece. The Greek Island of Angistri located in the Saronic Gulf. It is a unique place to visit. Island of Poros is very famous.Check out the architectural beauty of Hydra island. You can’t find a single vehicle on this island, you can find donkey’s plying all major transportation. Don’t miss the two villages on hydra island Kaminia and the main town.If you are fond of underwater life, hydra is the best place. Enjoy a ride on the banana boats nearby dokos island.

  2. Greece is really something else. It’s just beautiful. The white facade of the buildings and houses complements the cliffs and the shores so nicely. It’s truly a unique travel experience for any honeymooning couple!

  3. Yes, they indeed are romantic! Greek island of Angistri, Antikythira, Poros, Hydra & Aegina have a soul of it’s own. Poros & Aegina are life filled with an archeological explorations & exhilarating beaches. Hydra islands offers fascinating experience of town with adventure sports & enchanting villages filled with activities & much more attractions to cherish.

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