Little Venice

little-venice1Mykonos is a very romantic island and Little Venice is probably the most romantic place on it. It’s also a “trademark” of Mykonos: if you have seen a photo of Mykonos before most like it has been of Little Venice. Many travelers have fallen in love with the beauty of this neighborhood, amazed by old houses “hanging” on the edge of the sea.

What is Little Venice?

Considered one of the hidden surprises of Mykonos, the settlement of Aleukantras (or Little Venice) is located to the east side of the harbor. It stretches from the beach of Aleukantras to the old Castle (Kastro) District.

Houses with balconies, windows and door built right on the sea; all make Little Venice a unique place. The whitewashed old houses –dating from the 18th century – create magnificent scenery against the azure of the sea. No wonder that artists have always loved to paint here and helped promoting the charm of the neighborhood.

Few of the old houses are now very stylish and romantic discos, while others are taverns. Some of the houses are still used by locals as private residences.

Visitors are recommended to stay in one of the houses located right on the shoreline. But be careful, it can get very pricy. Travelers are known to have paid for such a house as much as they would have paid at a five stars hotel. Just for the pleasure of enjoying a stay in the traditional fishermen’s huts.

What to do here?

Clubs, discos and bars are opened all night long, catering for any taste. The nightlife is vibrant and the crowds are cosmopolite.

By day, you can visit the numerous art galleries or take a walk on the narrow streets. Once designed to confuse once the pirates, now the narrow streets can only confuse a tourist looking for the best place to view the most wonderful sunset on the island.

Though a bit windy, nothing is compared to an evening spent on one of the terraces, watching the sunset and enjoying the great Greek cuisine. But be aware: Little Venice is a place for the traveler who affords to spend some extra money on…everything. Even the traditional Greek dishes can get very pricy on this part of Mykonos.

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