Making your way through Greece shouldn’t be that hard especially since many Greeks speak English and you should be able to find all the information right here on WhyGo Greece.

Greece Travel Information

Here is a list of the basic information needed to plan a trip to Greece from scratch, including how to get to Greece, where to stay and getting around in the country.

  • Flights to Greece : the majority of travelers arrive in Greece by air. The major islands are served by international flights during the high season. If you plan to fly during the off-season, there are plenty of flights to Athens or Thessaloniki. On this page you can even book your ticket.

  • Flights within Greece : if you are planning to cover a lot of ground during a short trip, flying is the best option. Plus, the domestic airlines have some great offers. Learn about the domestic flights and low cost carriers and then book your flight right on this page.

  • Hostels in Greece : more and more travelers choose to spend their vacation in hostels as they try to reduce costs. There are hostels in the majority of large towns but make sure to book your bed well in advance.

  • Hotels in Greece : in Greece hotels range from budget to luxury and everything in between, hence any traveler will be able to find what they want. Learn about the categories and facilities. Then, book your room on the same page.

  • Resorts in Greece : Greece is filled with incredible resorts and depending on the location you choose, they can range from affordable to really expensive.

  • Ferries in Greece : an excellent way to explore the islands during the high season. They can provide links to secluded islands where there aren’t any airports. However, they depend on the weather conditions so when the weather turns nasty, you need to look for an alternative.

  • Car Rentals : renting a car is an easy way to make sure you can get pretty much anywhere you want to. Take into account that parking is pretty hectic (or nonexistent) in Athens.

What to do in Greece

Everyone has a must-see list when visiting a country and chances are two people won’t fully agree on the destinations. WhyGo Greece tries to help everyone by providing information about a variety of things to do in the country.

  • First time explorer : if you are planning your first trip to Greece, the chances are that you’ll be faced with a lot of information and no idea where to start from. This article is a good starting point and helps planning an itinerary starting in Thessaloniki and ending in Athens.

  • Island hopper : there are literally hundreds of Greek islands which makes it impossible to try to figure out an itinerary on your own. This article gives enough information to plan a vacation which comprises both history and fun.

Greece Information

And here comes more practical stuff every travelers needs to know in order to plan their vacation in Greece: weather, language, history and cuisine.

  • Information : comprises the basic things you need to know such as ATM and banks information, currency, electricity, how to use the telephone and if you need to visa to travel to Greece.

  • Weather in Greece : when you are planning there’s always the need to know how the weather is during a certain time of the year. The page also contains links to events and festivals which take place each month all over Greece.

  • Greek Food and Drink : probably one of the most underrated cuisines in the world, the Greek cuisine will make you want to bring Greek food back home! Delicious and interesting, simple and healthy, it offers an interesting mix of tastes while keeping the ingredients simple and natural. The page contains links to Greek recopies.

  • Greek Language : even if you don’t plan to study Greece or speak fluently, knowing some common words will help you greatly when dealing with the locals.

  • Greek History : over the centuries, the Greek culture influenced plenty of nations and has been influenced by others as well. The Greeks always celebrated their long history and knowing bit about it can help you understand the country you are visiting.