Map of Greece

Greece is located in the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula and to the south east of the Mediterranean Sea. It doesn’t have a form which allows it to be easily recognized on the world map and finding some of the smaller islands is often a challenge, as well.

Map of Greece with Cities

Here is a map of Greece, with some cities marked both on the mainland and on the islands.


Obviously, this is a map for general reference. If you plan to drive in Greece , you will need a good driving map (which you can purchase when you get to Greece or you can download from specialized sites). It is advisable to buy a map of the region you’ll be driving in, rather than a map of Greece, as regional maps are more detailed and the roads are marked properly.

When it comes to touring cities on foot, usually a map you pick up at the tourist center (or the hotel) will do, but make sure it also comprises the map of the public transport.

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