Costs in Greece

Any savvy traveler starts making plans for a vacation in Greece with figuring out the budget for it. But in order to have a budget, first you need to know the costs of traveling to Greece and within the country.

Although part of the Eurozone, Greece is not one of the expensive countries to travel to in Europe. While you’ll have to rack up some money for the international flight here, once you land, you’ll notice that things aren’t that expensive.

Plus, there are plenty of ways to save money while in Greece. You can stay in a hostel or budget hotel rather than pay a lot for a mid-range hotel. Self catering is another great option especially if you stay in a studio.

The exchange rate keeps changing, greatly influenced by the economic and political events taking place in Greece and Europe.

Your money will go a longer way if you travel to Greece outside the peak season (July and August). Typically, you’ll save more if you travel in May, June, September or October.

Below is a list of some typical costs in Greece, but we aware that they tend to be higher in larger cities:

  • Average hostel bed: €7 (dorm rooms)
  • Average budget hotel: €20
  • Average mid-range hotel: €70
  • Average apartment (one room): €50
  • Average in-country one-way flight: €60
  • Average beer at a bar: €5
  • Average gyros and street food: €7
  • Average dinner out: €15-€30
  • Average one way ferry ride: €10 short distance / €40 long distance (i.e. Piraeus to Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete)
  • Average public transport ticket: €1.00 (valid for 1.5 hours)
  • Average taxi ride from Athens airport to the city: €25
  • Average loaf of bread : €0.60
  • Average bottle of water: €1.50
  • Average Greek Salad: €5

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