How to Impress a Greek Guy

greek-guyTanned sculpted bodies, natural charm and that cute accent… Greek men can surely get your imagination going and your heart pumping faster. Their natural charm is very romantic and if you’ve got your eyes on some vacation loving, here are some tips to get a Greek guy’s attention.

Know the preconceptions

Sad, but true, Greek men are not exactly the most open minded guys in the world when it comes to women. Sure, there are exceptions to this, but, as a general rule, do remember that they tend to take women for granted and a sweet ignorant girl will surely get his heart easier than an educated one. If you are an experienced woman, you’ve got slightly more chances to charm them. And don’t expect to be his equal partner, should you get married.

Be natural and slightly ignorant

If you are looking for some summer loving, there’s nothing wrong in playing your part well. So, take the attitude of a sweet, naïve girl and you’ll charm almost any Greek guy. It’s not that we encourage you to start a relationship by faking who you are but if you don’t plan to stick around, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Act confident and experienced

Be confident and any Greek guy will give you attention. It can be hard to fake experience if you haven’t got much but as long as you play a bit of the hard-to-get game, you’ll keep his interested. Confidence is the most appealing thing about a woman. And remember that a little irresponsibility is not harmful during a hot vacation.

Let him lead the game

Greek guys are experienced charmers. They play the “kamaki” (game of charm) so well. Therefore when you’ve managed to get his attention, let him lead the way and let him make you feel the most beautiful woman in the word.

Cook for him

Fallen for a Greek guy and hoping to take things further? Then you need to start acting like a potential good wife. You see, Greek men are busy and come back home tired from work. They typically earn more than women so they expect their wives to offer them everything they need when they get back home. So, be the potential good wife and offer to cook something for him. Impress him with a dish from your own country.

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