How to Impress a Greek Girl

greek-girlGreek girls are beautiful and it’s very easy to fall in love … or at least lust… with them. But what do they expect guys to do in order to impress them? Here are some tips to get you started.

Be social

First of all, you need to know a thing or two about the Mediterranean culture (so Italian and Spanish Girls fall into this category as well). These people have a love for good food, good wine, good music and good partying. If you are not into such things, you’d better start enjoying life if you want to impress a Greek girl.

Be confident

…but don’t confuse being confident with being desperate. Send a drink to her if you notice her in a taverna or at a pool bar (but don’t expect more than just the acceptance for the drink).

Brag (a little) about the places where you’ve traveled

(Many) Greek girls like to travel and are interested in exploring new places. So you can easily kick start a conversation with stories from the places you’ve visited.

Be original

One thing Greek girls don’t like is the stereotype flirting lines. So do your best to be original. Greek girls are pretty straight foreword and that’s an invitation for you to be just the same.

Be slightly unreachable

Greek girls like guys to be unreachable. As mentioned earlier, don’t be desperate and too eager but let her know you are into her.

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One thought on “How to Impress a Greek Girl

  1. hahaha! really cool article! u think i’ll end up with a greek girl after my trip to athens in august? i hear indeed that they are beautiful but i doubt i’ll have time to fall in lovein 2 weeks. knowing me i’ll be to be busy checking out the archeological sites like the parthenon instead of a greek girl! i’ve been reading up on the greek culture and i hear they like to dance. maybe i’ll impress a girl with my dance moves at one of the many clubs i have read athens has

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