Hidden Greece

meteoraAlthough right in the middle of an economic crisis and disturbed by the too many strikes which definitely affect tourism, Greece is still a country which attracts tourists. As a result of the many problems the country is facing, tourism operators have started to lower prices and/or offer special deals, which means this is the perfect time to plan a vacation in Greece.

I’m for visiting the less touristy places in any country. And Greece makes no exception. Surely, when looking for cheap flights to Europe you’ll soon figure out what it’s typically cheaper to fly into Athens or Thessaloniki rather than an island. But that doesn’t means you are stuck in the respective cities.

Do look for cheap hotels in Athens and plan to spend several days in the capital because there are plenty of places to visit but make sure to explore Greece off the beaten path .

Epidaurus is very close to Athens. You can rent a car and drive (two hours travel time). Then, spend the day exploring the beautiful archeological site. Another hidden gem is located just three hours drive southwest of Athens: Gytheon. You can definitely feel the real Greece here, without the hordes of tourists or the influence of mass tourism. Don’t forget to take a break from sightseeing to enjoy the excellent Greek food in a taverna.

Meteora, although very well known among Eastern European tourists, it’s not yet overwhelmed by visitors. It’s located close to Thessaloniki (2.5 hours drive) and offers excellent views of the area and the possibility to learn some about the Orthodox Religion.

If you happen to be in Rhodes, drive 30 km west from the city of Rhodes to discover Kameiros, also known as the “Greek Pompeii”. The ancient site contains well-preserved temples, bath houses and many other buildings. Plus, the view of the Aegean Sea is amazing.

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  1. I have been to Greece a few times and particularly love the Greek Islands. But on my last visit I toured mainland Greece and was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful coutryside. There are so many lovely places to visit – Olympia, Meteora, Delos, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Delphi and so much more.

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