Greece iPhone Apps for Travel, Language Learning, & Fun

There are travelers who can no longer imagine life without an iPhone – and even if you’re not part of the Cult of Mac, you can probably appreciate how much easier it is to pack a bunch of apps onto one small device rather than carry around all the books and maps those apps are replacing. The iPhone as a travel tool is a boon to not only gadget-lovers but also anyone who’s always trying to pack lighter.

In other words, there are several reasons to be excited about these iPhone apps for Greece travel.

Many of the apps listed below are great travel resources – there are maps, destination guides, history lessons, and talking phrasebooks – but some of them are just plain fun. And since there are new apps being added to the iTunes app store every day, it’s also impossible to have them all listed here. If your favorite Greece travel iPhone app isn’t listed here, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Best Greece iPhone Apps for Travel, Language Learning, & Fun

Greece Travel iPhone Apps

GR Holidays
This is a country-wide app, with travel and hotel information about some specific cities in Greece, but what makes this one perhaps most useful is it has all the schedules for ferries in Greece.

Greece Travel Guide
The good news is that this app has general travel information for Greece, including several popular cities, and it’s available offline. The bad news is that all the information is pulled from the crowd-sourced WikiTravel, so it shouldn’t be taken as travel gospel by any stretch.

Greece World Travel
This app includes general travel tips and information for Greece as well as for many of the more popular destinations in the country, along with maps (available offline) and photos.

High Definition Greece Atlas – HD Deluxe
This app has some travel information (accommodation, restaurants, museums) and also some fun things (Greece trivia, photos), but it’s primarily good for the nice zoom-able Greece maps.

Athens “At a Glance” City Guide
This Athens city guide includes visitor information for all the top sights in the city, as well as information on accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, and Greek history. There’s also a “what’s near me” function if you’re using your iPhone’s GPS.

Acropolis and Museum Audio Guide
If you’d rather tour the Acropolis at your own pace, then this DIY audio guide will let you do just that.

All Mykonos Guide
Anyone headed to Mykonos should check out this free app – it includes listings for attractions, travel agents, car/scooter rentals, restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping – and more.

Greek Language iPhone Apps

Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook
The Lonely Planet folks make some mighty popular phrasebooks in book format, and they’ve produced their best selling phrasebooks for the iPhone. The Greek language phrasebook has more than 600 words and phrases in both audio and text form, and they’re writing out phonetically so you can pronounce them even if you don’t read the Greek alphabet.

Greek Phrasebook and Translator
This phrasebook/translator combo app has more than 250 words and phrases, transliterated into English for easier pronunciation, and it works completely offline. If you want to access the more than 5 million words and phrases in the translator, you’ll need an internect connection for that.

Talking Greek Phrasebook
This phrasebook has more than 500 words and phrases with both text and audio – so you can hear exactly how things should be pronounced, or just press “play” and let whoever you’re talking to hear it right from the iPhone.

World Nomads Greek Language Guide
The WorldNomads Greek language app has more than 120 words and phrases in it, along with an 11-minute lesson that includes language, travel, and cultural tips.

Greek Keyboard Deluxe
Let’s say you’re learning Greek and you’d like to communicate with some of the new Greek friends you made – this app will put a Greek keyboard on your iPhone so you can type out emails to them.

Fun Greece iPhone Apps

Want to try making some of those great classic Greek foods you loved while you were on vacation? Download this app and you’ll get more than 100 traditional Greek recipes to try out at home. Even better, they’re categorized (among other ways) by difficulty level to suit all kinds of cooks.

Greek Mythology
Much of the sightseeing you’ll do in Greece will be tied to Greek mythology, so this is a handy app to have. Download it before your flight and read up while you’re en route. This app contains information on more than 500 figures and places in Greek mythology, and it explains many Greek myths.

Greek God of the Day
Another fun app to download long before your trip is this Greek God of the Day app – every day you’ll be introduced to a new Greek god highlighted on your iPhone. Pretty soon you’ll know them all.

Greek Gods
This app is a reference guide for all the Greek gods and includes free updates for life – but what’s most fun is the Greek gods quiz. If you’ve downloaded and studied the two apps listed just above this one, you’ll have no trouble with the quiz here.

Ancient Greece History Trivia Quiz
And speaking of quizzes, this app is all about testing your knowledge of ancient Greek history. There are 9 different game modes, 249 multiple choice questions, and 50 bonus questions. You can play solo, and there’s also a multi-player mode so you can challenge your fellow travelers.

iHymn Greece
Show your Greek pride by carrying the Greek national anthem with you wherever you go. This app includes not only the anthem itself but also the lyrics, history behind the anthem, and the sheet music.

iFlag Greece
And what’s a Greek national anthem app without a flag to look at while the anthem plays? This interactive app lets you make the Greek flag move and sway in the “wind” with a touch of your finger.

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  1. Thank you Jessica for short review.

    You forgot about worldwide interactive audio guide Toozla, which actually includes all articles from Wikipedia, converted into audio on demand. Requires Internet connection. Currently in English, other 20 languages coming soon.

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