Figuring out a daily food budget for your summer vacation in Greece

mainWhen it comes to planning your summer vacation in Greece we need to take into account not only the flight (or other means of transport) and accommodation – which make up the bulk of the expenses – but also a budget for eating out, a budget for visiting attractions and some spare money to buy souvenirs .


Depending on your culinary preferences, plan to spend €15-40 per person per day only on meals. If your hotel offers at least one of the meals in the room price then you can get away with €10-20 per day. The drinks are not included in this price range.

Generally speaking, the popular islands and big cities tend to be more expensive but there’s always at least one taverna where you can find a €5 mezedes.

Athens & Thessaloniki

Generally speaking the capital and large towns tend to me little more expensive in all regards than the rest of the country. Thankfully, there’s always some exception to the rule: cafes, tavernas and fast food places. Mezedes are a great choice when the budget is quite low.

If you are in Athens , plan to dine in the Monastiraki or Plaka neighborhoods as you can find places which offer great meals for €5-15 per person, drinks not included. If you prefer larger restaurants, plan to pay at least €15 per person for a meal, without drinks.

Thessaloniki tends to be a little more expensive than Athens but you can find decent places where a meal costs €10-15 per person, drinks not included, although cheaper places can be found near the market.


Although a very popular beach destination, Halkidiki area is quite cheap when it comes to eating. Many hotels and studios offer at least the breakfast in the rooms rates (and it’s pretty common to find half-board or all inclusive rates as well) so you don’t need to worry too much about the rest of the meals.

Generally speaking, dinner for one in a moderately priced taverna starts at €6, without the drinks. Eating local, fresh meals is very affordable in Greece so you don’t need to worry about looking up a fast food joint (although they do exist!). If you prefer to eat in a hotel’s restaurant, do plan to pay at least €10 per person for dinner, drinks not included.

If you stay in a studio or apartment and don’t mind preparing a salad, you can always check the markets and the stores. The cost of meals is always low in this case.

The popular islands

The popular islands tend to be more expensive when it comes both to accommodation and eating. Some hotels do offer at least the breakfast included in the room price. If your budget is low avoid eating in the hotel’s restaurants and plan to find the tavernas and cafes.

In Santorini , plan for at least €20 per person per meal, without drinks, even at a medium priced taverna in Fira. If you prefer to avoid the popular capital town, it’s easier to find cheaper tavernas where meals cost €8-15 per person, without drinks.

The second most popular island of the Cyclades, Mykonos tends to be cheaper than Santorini when it comes to eating out. Moderate priced tavernas charge €9-18 per person for a meal, drinks not included.

Crete is another popular destination and , as in the cases mentioned above, you can find both moderately priced tavernas and expensive restaurants. Seafood is at its best and you can even get a giant platter for two at €24. Generally speaking, prices are at least €5-15 per person, per meal, drinks not included.

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  1. Yasas! Greece is really a nice place to visit in the summer vacation at Mediterranean. Food available there is very delicious and economical. This article is really help if you plane your tour’s food budget and try restaurants given.

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