Fall in Greece

Fall season is another good option for visiting Greece. It’s not as cheap as planning your winter vacation in Greece , but it’s definitely cheaper than spending your vacation during summer . In general, people with money come to Greece in fall, as well as those who are already retired and don’t need to worry about their work or school schedule. Fall does share the same advantages as spring , but it might be less perky as the locals are already tired after the hustle and bustle of the high season.

Whether and Temperatures

Fall is a transitional season, when the weather can (and will) change from day to day. Still, the sea water is still warm so swimming is possible even in early October. And when you are unlucky to have been caught by a shower, the museums offer the perfect shelter (plus they are not even crowded now). On the islands, the weather is typically milder than on the mainland (especially in Thessaloniki).

Here is a list of some of the most popular destinations and what to expect here in September and October.

Athens : avg high 28C / avg low 19C
Rhodes : avg. high 27C / avg low 21 C
Heraklion: avg. high 26C / avg low 19 C
Thessaloniki : avg. high 26C / avg low 15 C
Kos : avg. high 27C / avg low 20C


Athens avg.high 22C / avg low 15C
Rhodes avg. high 23 C / avg. low 18 C
Heraklion avg. high 23 C / avg low 16 C
Thessaloniki avg. high 21 C / avg low 11 C
Kos avg. high 22 C / avg low 16 C

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Where to go & what to do

Fall is filled with local festivals. After the hustle and bustle of the high season, locals kick back and relax, enjoying some down time. The last weekend of September marks the European Heritage Days when you visit the museums and historical sites for free.

Also, the grape festivals all over Greece are in full swing. Consider visiting one of the wine making regions in the country. And you have plenty to choose from both on the mainland (Peloponnese, Thessalia, Macedonia) and the islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Crete).

Ochi Day (October 28) is the main event taking place in Greece in the fall. Everything is closed (including the museums and sites) and make sure to not plan any traveling on this day. On coastal cities superb naval parades take place. The celebration is at its best in Thessaloniki.

Fall is the perfect time to explore the mainland. But if you travel in early fall, you can also plan to visiting some of the islands, as there are still ferry connections available. For anyone planning to visit Greece, WhyGoGreece has put together the “Mainland and an Island” itinerary, a very good choice for fall in Greece. Another good option is the “First Time Explorer” itinerary , exploring Athens, Thessaloniki, Meteora and Aegina.

If you don’t have so much time at your disposal, you can consider a short weekend escape in either Athens or Thessaloniki.

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Finding cheap flights to Greece

There are plenty of low-cost carriers flying into both Athens and Thessaloniki during the fall, so there are lots of chances to find an affordable flight. However, if you want to visit the islands, the number of charter flights decrease by the end of September and you are left with flying on the national airlines. Typically, if you book the ticket 6 to 8 weeks before departure, the prices are at their lowest.

Sample fares for the 2011 fall:
London – Athens – London Oct 5 / Oct 11 €200 per person on easyJet
London – Thessaloniki – London Oct 5 / Oct 11 €188 per person on Ryanair + easyJet
London – Athens – London Nov 8 / Nov 14 €187 per person on easyJet
London – Thessaloniki – London Nov 8 / Nov 14 €242 per person on Aegean

Please remember that the prices depend on how far in advance you search for the flight and on the current availability of seats from various companies.

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Taking the ferry in Greece during fall

Ferries in Greece are excellent ways to explore the islands at a low cost and being able to soak up the scenery. However, depending on the route they cover, by mid-September there will be less and less connections and even no connections at all.

If you want to travel by ferry in Greece during September or October, make sure to do the research ahead and time and know which connections you can relay on. Also, consider that due to the weather, ferries might get delayed or canceled.

Finding cheap accommodation in Greece during fall

Even though fall is not as busy as summer in Greece, do book your hotel room in advance. Choose a hotel close to the sites you want to visit, but also with quick access to the public transportation network. A cheaper option is choosing a hostel , even if you want to benefit from the intimacy of a private room.

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Note: the article was first published on Aug 4, 2011 and the prices were updated as of Sept 7, 2012

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