Fall Colors in Greece : A Photo Essay

There is something magical in the air when the seasons start to change. Between the sweltering hot days and the colder winter nights, there’s a time when the air is crisp but the temperatures are still mild during the day. The sun highlights the leaves which change color. It’s a dream for photographers and a romantic time to take a walk in nature.

While Greece cannot exactly compete in fall foliage with France or Italy, there are some areas which offer lovely colors from late September. Athens , Ioanina , Thassos , Crete , Zante are good examples of places where you can snap great photos. Do remember that the climate in Greece is mild and the best fall foliage in on the mainland, in the mountains. But some islands do have mountains, too, and the scenery can be lovely.

Fall in Greece is a good time to plan sightseeing vacations. In many places it’s still possible to swim (until mid-October) and the weather is excellent for hiking. Also, keep in mind that it’s certainly cheaper to visit the country now than during the summer.

Here are some lovely examples of fall colors across the country:


Trail on Thassos – source


Voidomatis hike , Epirus – source


Autumn in Greece – source


Fall in Athens – source


Ioannina, Greece by Alexandra Albert


View over the valley – source


Leaves – source


Autumn Hedge – source


Autumn in Perivoli – source


Autumn Leaves – source


Red Autumn in Crete – source


Pelion Mountain – source


Delphi – source


A walk in the woods – source


Not far from the Acropolis – source


Autumn tree – source


Zagoria – source

2 thoughts on “Fall Colors in Greece : A Photo Essay

  1. Your pictures are amazing! Before going to Greece, I was unaware that they have such change of season. I think there’s a misconception that it’s always beach weather!

    • Totally agree! of course, on the islands the change of seasons it’s not that obvious, and you have off season and summer, but on the mainland and , generally, islands to the north – such as Thassos – it’s certainly very nice to see the fall taking over.

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