Day trips from Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands. Every year, tourists come here for the nightlife , history, beaches, scenery and food.

But it’s also very true that Mykonos is not a cheap island. Flights to Mykonos are not very hard to find, but they are not very cheap although low-cost carriers fly here. The ferries to Mykonos remain the cheaper alternative, if you are already in Greece. When it comes to accommodation, there are quite a lot of choices for budget travelers, especially if you plan ahead.

If you plan to visit Mykonos, chances are you will be tempted to explore the near-by islands. Thankfully, there are five of them which can be explored during a day trip from Mykonos and you won’t be breaking your budget to do that, either.

Here are four ideas for a day trip from Mykonos:


The island of Delos is located just 3.5 km from Mykonos, to which it’s connected by ferry (45 minutes)*. According to mythology it was the birth place of Apollo and Artemis. The island has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium A.D. and there are important remains from the Mycenaean period have been uncovered.

The historical site is open from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., so make sure to get to Delos early (first departure from Mykonos is at 9 a.m.). You can explore the site on your own or hire a guide. There is also a museum which features sculptures of the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as a collection of vases from various periods.


The island of Paros is popular both among foreigners and locals. The beautiful beaches , the charming villages and the sights make it a lovely choice for a day-trip from Mykonos. Ferries take only 40 minutes and the ticket costs from €16.50 per person, one way.

You can plan a romantic day trip to Paros. Visit the Church of 100 doors and then head to the beach for a picnic. The old town of Parikia is the biggest in the Cyclades and can be keep you occupied for several hours.

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The island of Sifnos is now a well known summer destination for both locals and foreigners. It is mostly known for its natural beauty , the traditional white-washed houses, the beaches, the museums and the churches.

Sifnos is a lovely destination if you plan to do some hiking. You can take the ferry from Mykonos at 8:25 a.m. (it costs €15 per person, one way) and then stop for lunch at a taverna. You can then choose the hiking trail with a rest stop in Saint Charalampos and admire the superb panorama of the Aegean Sea.

The island is located further by ferry then Delos or Paros, so if you want to explore more of its beauty, you should consider staying overnight.


The island of Andros can be easily reached by ferry from Mykonos (2h 15 minutes, the ticket costs €14.50 per person, one way). It is the northernmost island in the Cyclades, known for its superb mountainous scenery. Aside from choosing to hike the superb trails, you can also spend time on an unspoiled beach and enjoy a traditional meal in a taverna.

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Note: * the ferry ticket costs €37 one way and the entrance to the site is €5 for an adult

Photo credits:
Delos – Chris-45 on Flickr
Paros – anita1930 on YouTube
Sifnos – Archway Andres on Flickr
Andros – dtsomp on Flickr

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