Book Review: More Hidden Crete – A Notebook by Richard Clark

Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with Richard Clark’s books. Whenever I see another one being published, I a, super excited to get my hands on it to read it. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I couldn’t wait to read “More Hidden Crete”, too!

Life got a bit in the way and I took a bit of a break while reading it, but once I did have time, I read it in several days. His love for Greece, and Crete, in particular, is so strong that you cannot but fall in love with the country yourself.

The book, just like all of the rest in the “A Notebook” series, is not a travel guide per se. It is a collection of stories, which, yes, can be easily used to plan an itinerary if you wish.

What I really, really loved this time was that he visited touristy and well-known places, but at the perfect time for them not to be overcrowded! That’s exactly what I do when I travel so it felt so familiar. For someone who cannot afford days off in May, just before the summer crowds start pouring in, it may seem a bit strange to do this. But, oh, so worth it!

As the name suggests, the book includes a lot of hidden places on Crete, such as Sougia, “hidden away on the south west coast of Crete, halfway between Paleochora and Agia Roumeli”. Richard “first discovered it after walking the Agia Irini Gorge, which ends north of the village, a captivating hike still popular with those people aware of its existence”.

There’s also a story about driving in winter after the snow has fallen. Yes, Crete gets snow. But it is still a magical and unique moment: “The blanket of snow that has covered the island has smothered all sound, the gossamer silence empyreal. The familiar village of Limnes is transformed, its church spires like decorations on a Christmas cake.

It reminded me of my own encounter with snow at the Mediterranean, but in my case, it was in Italy and as I was on my way to the airport.

“More Hidden Crete” also includes stories about food. And, boy, did they make me drool thinking of the dishes I recently had in Greece. The way Richard describes the food, literally makes you see it in front of your years, and even smell it!
Stuffed zucchini, dolmades, taramasalata, spinach pies, cheese – the food just keeps coming, all accompanied by a sweet red wine the like of which I have never tasted before but which is the perfect appetizer and accompaniment to the highlight of the meal: baklava served with mastika-flavoured ice cream.

And, speaking of food, the book includes a chapter on “Greek Food At-a-Glance”, which you may want to print out and bring with you on your travels to Greece!

As mentioned, I’ve fallen for Richard Clark’s books a long time ago and can never get enough of his style and stories. I do recommend the book to anyone, whether they’ve been or not to Greece before. And if this book makes you book the trip, by all means, do let me know!

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Although I got this book as a gift from the author, the review is not influenced by that this fact.

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