Tourism has been developing a lot in Greece in the past decades. So a lot of resorts were created all over the country. Small villages turned in resorts, somehow managing to avoid losing that typical Greek village charm, while on most islands resorts pop up everywhere.

It’s impossible to comprise all the resorts in one travel guide, let alone one page, so we’ll be presenting some of the most popular Greek tourist destinations and the popular resorts located there.


Santorini is the top destination holiday in Greece and among the top destinations in the world. It’s absolutely amazing to soak in the sun on a beach made entirely of black and red volcano rocks, while watching the perfect sunset.

Generally resorts come with a high price tag. Luxury resorts, spas, golf resorts, resorts for honeymooners…you name it, they have it! Depending on the season, facilities and location, prices vary between €290 and €660 per night per room.

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The Greek party island is perfect if you like to party all night long, sleep until mid-day and then soak in the sun, just to start partying again…Luxury hotels, spas and everything in between with a high price tag. Prices per night per room are between €200 and €540 depending on the season, hotel and location.

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Rhodes comprises lovely medieval architecture, relaxing nature spots and resort villages. One of them is Faliraki village. Lovely beaches, hotels, restaurants, tavernas…everything you need for a perfect vacation. Prices per night per person are between €33 and €73 depending on the season, hotel and location.

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The most popular Ionian island, Corfu has been influenced by the long Venetian occupation. Fortress, churches and monasteries, all attract tourists.

But Corfu isn’t lacking resorts either. Villages such as Gouvia, Dasia and Kavos are popular for their resorts. For a week (6 nights) expect to pay between €340 and €1000 for two persons for a double room, depending on the season, hotel and location.

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