Choosing the hotel where you’ll spend your Greek holiday is very important for your comfort…and, of course, your budget. Greece offers a variety of hotels for any budget.

Hotel Categories in Greece

The hotels in Greece come in several categories: from 5 star hotels to other categories, such as A to C. Since hotels are classified by facilities, lobby, room size, breakfast room and many more, the 5 star hotels happen to be the most luxurious. Next, there is the A Category Hotels, which equal to 4 star hotels and B Category, which equal to 3 star hotels, while C Category equals to a 2 star hotel.

Unfortunately, the hotel classification is not quite “standard” so you might find a C Category hotel (which equals to 2 stars) to look better and be more comfortable than an A Category hotel (4 stars).

The prices depend on the Category, location and season. In peak tourist season –June to September – you will find the highest prices. Look for a hotel located in a clean environment and offering a lot of facilities for a good price.

You might notice that during the winter months you won’t be able to find the prices for the next summer season for the hotels located on the Greek islands. That’s because the prices change every season. Look for the offers around March and book in advance.


The debate whether to book via a travel agent or directly at the hotel can be a very long one, with pros and cons on each side.

Booking directly at the hotel might put you in a difficulty to plan the rest of the trip. There have been instances when someone booked a hotel on an island just to find out that they couldn’t get a ferry to that island and had to find accommodation somewhere else.

Using a travel agent will spare you the trouble of finding reliable ferry information. Although such information is available online, they are not to be trusted. Travel agents know how to match a hotel reservation with your flight and the ferries you need to take. Also, a travel agent has to tell you about the drawbacks of the hotel: for example, if there is a disco close by or if “on the beach” actually means a good walking distance from the beach. Such info is not available if you use an automated booking system.

Hidden gems, like tiny Greek-owned and operated hotels, which are nicely tucked away from the hassle of Athens, offering great accommodation for low prices can easily be found if you use a travel agent. Most of these tiny treasures aren’t even listed online.

Also, consider that major agencies buy rooms “in bulk” so they afford to offer these rooms to tourists at ridiculously low prices, while if you pay directly at the hotel, the prices will be much higher. Not to mention that you can take advantage of the “packages” offered by agencies which usually means low hotel prices mixed with a cruise or day trip at discounted prices as well.

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