LooknWalk Greece (former WhyGo Greece) is a one-stop Travel Guide to Greece. It is run by Cristina Puscas and continues the Bootsnall‘s legacy.

About Greecelogue.com

WhyGo Greece was born back in 2007, as part of the WhyGo Travel Guides under Bootsnall umbrella.

In October 2016, the blog was re-branded as LooknWalk Greece.

About Cristina

Cristina is a travel & lifestyle blogger since 2005. She has started writing on WhyGo Greece in October 2007.

She is also a social media specialist and runs the LooknWalk Greece’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

In March 2011 she (together with her husband), started the first Looknwalk blog, which focuses on Italy, Hungary and Romania.

Logo & banner

Thank you kindly to Alex for putting up with my requests and creating the logo for the blog. And for putting together the banner.

Thank you kindly to Lambi, our dear friend from Greece, for providing the gorgeous photos from Ios, which you can find on the banner. If you would like to read more about Lambi, about Athens and Ios, you can find Lambi online on Facebook and Twitter

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Guest posts

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Work with me

Cristina is a travel and lifestyle writer and is always open for collaborations. Should you want her to write an article or review for you, kindly reach out via email.

Collaborations, mentions, etc

* Eternal Arrival: 40 Cheapest Countries to Travel to on $30 a Day or Less


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